What will the Royal Family do now after the Queen’s funeral, and when is King Charles' Coronation?

Prince Edward, from right, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince William, Princess Anne and King Charles III follow the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during the Lying in State procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall Credit: AP

Life for the Royal Family has been one of private grief since the death of the Queen at Balmoral on September 8.

Royal engagements and visits - at the core of the Monarchy’s work to support the voluntary and civil sector - have been postponed.

Royal mourning continues for a week after national mourning ends.

But royal duties will resume again as King Charles, the Queen Consort and the new Prince and Princess of Wales adjust to their new roles.

Here's how the next few days, weeks, months and years could look for King Charles and the Royal Family.

King Charles speaks to the wives of victims of the Aberfan disaster during a reception for local charities at Cardiff Castle in Wales. Credit: AP

What will happen in the days after the Queen's funeral?

The Royal period of mourning will continue for another seven days after Her Majesty's funeral on Monday September 19.

During this period the royal family will not do any public engagements unless the King gives his express permission. For example, Princess Anne carried out engagements during the family's official mourning period for Prince Philip in 2021.

What will the royal family do once the period of mourning is over?

The King has been touring the four nations of the United Kingdom in the week after his mother's death and it is likely there will be a great many more engagements across the country, away from London to give the public - so used to their Queen - a chance to meet members of the Royal Family in their new roles.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh as they wave to onlooking crowds after her Coronation. Credit: PA

When could King Charles's Coronation be and what might it look like? The Queen's Coronation, on a cold, wet day in June 1953 was 18 months after her accession following her father's death on February 7, 1952.

There is unlikely to be such a long wait before King Charles's Coronation, but the logistics of a Coronation - the first in 69 years - will require detailed planning and it is thought the event, overseen by the Earl Marshal is responsible, will not be before spring 2023.

There are several factors that will influence the date, including the weather and the cost of living crisis.

Amid rising inflation and the soaring cost of energy bills, it will have to be weighed up whether spending money on a coronation would be a popular decision among a public counting every penny.

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Could the Queen Consort become Queen?

As the wife of the King, Camilla is technically Her Majesty The Queen, and while she may yet be referred to as Queen, she will continue to be referred to as Queen Consort.

The question of whether the Royal Households will ever refer to Camilla as 'The Queen' rather than 'Queen Consort' is one for the future, the King’s spokesman has said.Camilla, the Queen Consort, will be crowned at Charles’ side at his coronation, just as the last Queen Consort, the Queen Mother, was.

She is expected to wear the Queen Mother’s 1937 coronation crown.

King Charles, with the Queen Consort, Camilla, by his wide, walks through gates of Buckingham Palace for first time as monarch. Credit: AP

What about the first overseas tour?

Royal overseas tours are months in the planning, but after the Queen's death it is likely the royal household will need to re-draw itineraries.

One of the focuses of King Charles' reign will be the future of the Commonwealth, and it is predicted the first big royal tour will be to one of the 14 countries where the British Monarch remains the head of state.

There were reports back in July that the then-Prince Charles would visit Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan on an autumn tour.

Queen Elizabeth leaves the Royal Yacht Britannia on her arrival at Charlottetown, Canada. Credit: AP

Bangladesh's Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen reportedly told journalists in July: "Prince Charles has told me he would visit Dhaka. I have requested him to visit Sylhet. He has consented to my request."

Whether the now King will still go or whether he will now send his son Prince William and Princess Catherine in their capacity as Prince and Princess of Wales, is unknown.

Perhaps the new King will visit Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the Caribbean where nations, including Jamaica, have made no secret of wanting to break from the Crown to become a republic.

The Queen's first overseas trip after being crowned started in Bermuda in November 1953, travelling by air, sea and land to Jamaica, Fiji, Tonga and on to Australia and New Zealand, accompanied by her late husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. After leaving Australia in the April, they visited Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Aden (now part of Yemen), Uganda and Malta. The royal couple's final stop was Gibraltar, six months after they left Britain.

Will 73-year-old King Charles and the Queen Consort be planning a similarly epic tour?

What part will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex play in the reign of King Charles?

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan chose to break away from the Royal Family and begin a new life in California.

The resulting fallout from their decision to step away as working roles lead to tension between the Duke's father, King Charles, and his brother, the Prince of Wales.

But the royal brothers have shown a united front in the wake of "granny's" death, making a surprise joint appearance with their wives to greet members of the public and view floral tributes at Windsor.

The brothers also walked side-by-side behind the Queen's coffin during the Lying in State procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Whether this grows into a deeper reconciliation or is a tribute to their much-loved grandmother remains to be seen.

What will Prince Andrew's role be in a modern Royal Family?

The Duke of York was stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages and was no longer able to be referred to as 'His Royal Highness’ in any official capacity by the Queen earlier this year.Prince Andrew reached an out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre, who had brought a case of battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the duke, in the civil sex assault case filed in the US in March 2022.

The accession of King Charles to the throne elevated Prince Andrew to one of the Counsellors of State positions - the first five people in the line of succession over the age of 21.

But the King could remove his brother from the position - along with Prince Harry as he does not live in the UK - from the role as one of the Counsellors of the State, who are essentially stand-ins for the monarch if they become unable to perform duties.

While the monarch has the power to reshuffle the five, Parliament have to approve the move.

The Prince and Princess of Wales with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex view the flowers outside Windsor Castle. Credit: AP

What will the Royal Family look like under King Charles?

The King has made no secret of wanting a slimmed-down monarchy to reduce costs - with less flamboyance and more focus on the role of Head of State, adapting to changing public opinions. “In one version of [a slimmed-down monarchy] you have a narrower number of people living off the public purse.

"He has a vision of that being the direct line of succession rather than all the cousins and aunts,” a friend of the King told the Financial Times.