The end of the Elizabethan era - looking back at an extraordinary 70-year reign

Watch this special ITV News piece looking back at Her Majesty's 70-year reign, in pictures.

Today marked an end to the Elizabethan era - seventy years of enormous change for the country, with one constant - Queen Elizabeth II on the throne.

With her burial begins a new chapter in the country's history, with a new monarch, King Charles III, beginning his reign.

For each of us, our memories of this period will be different to one another.

Some may most recall the 26-year-old Queen waving to the crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on her coronation day.

Others will remember the familiar, beaming smile of a 96-year-old monarch sitting across a table from Paddington Bear.

Now she has left us, and the nation looks to the future.

But the images we have seen today - and over the past ten days of mourning, indeed, over the past seventy years, will remain with us.

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