Around a quarter of a million people filed past Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall

ITV News's Ellie Pitt reports on the huge queue of people who waited for hours to pay their respects to the Queen

Around a quarter of a million people paid their respects in person to the Queen by viewing her coffin as it lay in state at Westminster Hall in London.

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan gave the figure on ITV's Good Morning Britain after the nation’s longest-reigning monarch was buried at Windsor Castle.

The Queen lay in state for four days at Westminster Hall. Credit: PA

She added that her department was still “crunching the numbers” as to how many people had queued for hours in London to process past the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall, but that she believed they numbered around 250,000.

She also said that the money spent on the funeral - while not yet released, had been worth it.

"I don't think anybody would really question that value for money in essence because it was such an important day for the nation to have their opportunity to mourn somebody who was arguably one of the greatest monarchs we've ever had," she said.

"I personally believe she did deserve a wonderful send off...She served our nation day in day out relentlessly for 70 years. That is so unbelievably incredible."

The royal family is observing another week of mourning for the Queen after a state funeral on Monday that was full of emotion and ceremony under the gaze of the world.

One of the most memorable aspects of the last ten days was the huge queue of people waiting - some for more than 24 hours - to pay their respects to the Queen.

At one point, the line stretched almost five miles from the Palace of Westminster to beyond Tower Bridge.

People queued through the night to pay their respects to the Queen. Credit: PA

The Queen was finally laid to rest with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh during a private evening burial service attended just by close family.

The state funeral at Westminster Abbey was attended by dignitaries including hundreds of heads of state, and with London full with mourners the event called for the largest policing operation undertaken by the Metropolitan Police.

Among the 2,000-strong congregation at the abbey were foreign royalty, leading figures from UK life and world leaders including US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron.

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