Brad Pitt debuts his sculptures at exhibition with Nick Cave in Finland

The sculptures are on display at an exhibition in Finland. Credit: AP

Brad Pitt has debuted his artwork for the first time at a surprise exhibition in Finland, alongside Australian singer Nick Cave.

The American actor began sculpting after his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2015, and describes himself as largely self-taught, spending up to fifteen hours a day working on the craft.

On display are sixteen of his sculptures, one of which is a mould depicting a gunfight. Another work is a series models of houses, each shot through with different gauges of ammunition.

They are on display at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in the city of Tampere, in Finland, as part of an exhibition organised by British-American artist Thomas Houseago.

Pitt's work is on display along with a ceramic series created by Nick Cave, who is also displaying his art in public for the first time.

At the opening ceremony, Pitt described his sculptures as being about "self-reflection".

“It’s about where I have gotten it wrong in my relationships, where have I misstepped, where am I complicit," he said.

“For me, it was born out of ownership of what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really brutally honest with me and taking account of those I may have hurt, moments I have just gotten wrong.”

Cave studied art at university in Melbourne before deciding to focus on music. His ceramics include a number of figurines depicting "the life of the Devil in 17 stations", reflecting his life-long interests in religion and mythology.

The Mayor of Tampere, which is the Nordic country's third-largest city, said it was "exciting" to get "a new and different artistic side of Nick Cave and Brad Pitt."

The exhibition will run until January next year.

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