Lizzo plays 200-year old crystal flute owned by US President James Madison at Washington concert

Lizzo with 200-year old flute. Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo made history at a Washington concert on Tuesday night when she played a 200-year-old crystal flute owned by former US President James Madison.

The 34-year-old singer, who is also a classically trained flautist, was delighted to be the first person to ever play the musical instrument.

As she walked across the stage to fetch the instrument, the star said: “This is crazy. I have to be really careful.

“This is from the early 1800s, this was a gift to James Madison from a French crystal-flute designer, to celebrate his second term. “There was a fire… and the only two things that were saved were a portrait of George Washington and this crystal flute right here. “I am the first person to ever play it so you’re about to hear what it sounds like for the first time.” After playing a few notes, Lizzo added: “B****, I just twerked and played James Madison’s flute from the 1800s!”

Artist Grimes replied to the post saying: "This is the most high fantasy thing I’ve ever seen in the real world omg. A mythical crystal flute no one has ever heard play?"

Before the concert, Lizzo had been invited by the Library of Congress to look over their flute archive.

The Library of Congress reportedly has the single largest flute collection on the world.

The artist is currently on her Special Tour, which kicked off over the weekend in Florida - which will run through November and runs alongside her fourth album.