Liz Truss' list of opponents respond to being branded the 'anti-growth coalition'

ITV Political Correspondent Libby Wiener asks what protesters make of the PM's 'anti-growth coalition' list

Some of those who made the Prime Minister's 'anti-growth coalition' shortlist have responded to her remarks at the Tory party conference.

The final day of the Conservatives' conference was marked by a number of protests- both within the conference hall in Birmingham and in London.

"We're here for the wellbeing of our people and our kids' future," one demonstrator from Just Stop Oil, a climate campaign group, said as he was carried away by police after gluing himself to a road in Westminster.

"We should be sustainable, we should be able to live sustainably on our planet," said another.

While giving her keynote speech, the Prime Minister was interrupted by two activists from Greenpeace, who shouted slogans while holding a sign.

In response, the PM defined a loose collection of opponents, including: climate protestors, striking workers, and certain commentators and members of think tanks - whom she branded the 'anti-growth coalition.'

Liz Truss has labelled striking workers as part of the so-called anti-growth coalition.

“The fact is they prefer protesting to doing," she said in her speech.

"They prefer talking on Twitter to taking tough decisions. They taxi from north London townhouses to the BBC studio to dismiss anyone challenging the status quo."

After a gruelling few weeks, Mark Littlewood, the Director General of the Conservative-leaning Institute of Economic Affairs, said Liz Truss had "drawn her battle lines."

"She's invented a new catch phrase of British politics, the anti-growth coalition.

"These are her enemies - the kind of people who glue themselves to roads or stick themselves to a train. She doesn't see them as being very helpful."

But this was rejected by Labour, with officials describing the slogan as a distraction from ongoing problems within the economy.

"Liz Truss since entering Downing Street has created - without prompting and of her own volition - an economic crisis with serious consequences for everybody in this country," said their shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds.

"Nobody actually voted for a lot of what Liz Truss and her government are trying to do at the moment," Greenpeace's Head of Public Affairs, Rebecca Newsom, told ITV News.

"Nobody voted for fracking, nobody voted to cut benefits."