iPhone 14 crash detection feature plagued by glitches as it calls 911 on rollercoasters

The iPhone's new crash detection feature is being set off on rollercoasters Credit: AP

The new iPhone 14's crash detection feature has been surprising some users on rollercoasters.

According to reports, the feature, which sends a 911 emergency call automatically if the user is suspected of having been in a car crash, has been sending out the signal on rollercoasters instead.

The fast, rolling motion of rollercoasters appears to be enough to convince the new iPhone that it has been involved in a road accident.

When triggered, the feature sends a recorded message to authorities alerting them to the position of the user - provided they don't dismiss it within twenty seconds. Of course, the feature is only activated if the phone's owner has it with them, and if it is connected to WiFi or a data network.

One reporter from the Wall Street Journal was able to demonstrate one of the 911 calls made from a phone which was actually on a rollercoaster. Children can be heard screaming with excitement in the background as the rollercoaster runs its course.

An automated voice then tells the listener the owner of the phone has been in a "severe car crash" and is "unable to respond."

Apple's latest iPhone offering, the 14 Plus, launched last Friday.