Ghislaine Maxwell: Victims slam 'unrepentant' sex trafficker after new interview

Ghislaine Maxwell's comments show she still believes she's done nothing wrong, a lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein's victims has said - Paul Brand reports

The victims of sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell have spoken of their anger to ITV News after she gave an interview from her US jail cell.

In her first interview since being sent to prison, the former British socialite told US reporter Daphne Barak, who has known her since the 90s, that she felt "so bad" for her "dear friend" Prince Andrew and still cares for him.

The Duke of York was stripped of his Royal duties after reaching an out of court settlement with Virginia Giuffre - who alleged she was trafficked to him as a 17-year-old.

He has always denied any wrongdoing, but Maxwell's interview will only serve the Prince fresh embarrassment.

Pictured with Ms Giuffre over 20-years ago, the image is one that Prince Andrew has failed to shake - one that Maxwell now alleges is fake.

Photo Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell. Credit: US Department of Justice

She said: "I don't recognise that picture, and I don't believe it is a real picture.

"That image whatever it is, I recognise my house so from that aspect.

"I've now come subsequently to discover that image, I don't believe is true and there's never been the original produced, because it doesn't exist.

"As soon as the appeal is over I'll be very happy to discuss the I don't know how many points there are, but over 50 problems with the picture.

"I recognized the surroundings of that photograph, nothing more than that. But at this time, I no longer believe that to be a true image, and I don't believe that it is what it appears to be."

Lisa Bloom, lawyer for some of Epstein's victims, has said it shows she still believes she's done nothing wrong.

"She has been criminally convicted under the highest legal standard. We have a jury heard all of the evidence, everything her high price lawyers wanted to put in in the trial, and then convicted her beyond a reasonable doubt.

"She is somebody who has caused so much suffering, not only to the four victims in her trial, but to many, many others. And obviously she does not get it, and she never will."

On Maxwell's claims that the picture with Prince Andrew was faked, Bloom said, "There's zero credibility to her claim that the photograph has been doctored. There has been no evidence used in court when her attorneys had the opportunity to do that.

"It's easy to make public statements. You can say whatever you want, but the proof comes in at court and no proof came in in court to show that that photo was doctored."

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Once a friend to the rich and famous, she now lives as a cell-mate to the convicted and dangerous.

Speaking from the Tallahassee jail in Florida where she's serving a 20 year sentence for trafficking children for her friend Jeffrey Epstein to abuse, she said "until you've been here you don't realise how appalling it is."

She added: "I haven't changed. I'm still the same person... person they've talking about is a fictional version of me, sort of like a Disney character. Cinderella and the wicked witch. I've been created as this person."

And Maxwell makes clear she believes the blame for the situation she now finds herself in lies with Epstein.

"My biggest regret. make different choices"

Her victims say these are the warped words of a woman still unrepentant.

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