From lettuce to Harry Potter: Social media reacts to Liz Truss' resignation

Credit: Daily Star/YouTube

The internet has had many opinions on Liz Truss' resignation - here's a roundup of reactions from a wild 24 hours in politics.

A lettuce outlived Liz Truss' premiership

As the chaos unfolded in recent weeks, left-wing newspaper the Daily Star set up a livestream of a lettuce sat beside a picture of Liz Truss and asked "which wet lettuce will last longer?".

The paper tweeted to celebrate the vegetable outlasting Ms Truss.

Meanwhile, others dug about for some fitting lettuce puns.

Memes riffed on the "short-stay" nature of Liz Truss' time in office

One meme doing the rounds and shared by a journalist and commentator showed the AirBnB branding around Number 10.

At just 45 full days, Ms Truss' time in office has been the shortest of any PM in British history.

So jokers didn't miss the opportunity to compare the PM's residence to an AirBnB property: "Perfect for short stays".

Others noted that the UK would see its third PM in a year

Twitter users weren't going to let this opportunity pass without sharing some classics memes.

This one references Davina McCall offering up Big Brother viewers another elimination - and some people felt it was perfect for the current political crisis.

People visualised Graham Brady's letterbox

As it became clearer and clearer that Liz Truss would struggle to stay on as PM, people began to picture the letters of no confidence arriving at Sir Graham Brady's (chair of the 1922 committee) house.

One author compared it to this iconic scene from Harry Potter. In the end the letters weren't needed, and Ms Truss resigned herself.