Cadbury reintroduces 90s fan-favourite with classic Christmas chocolate 'pud'

The Cadbury Christmas Pud returns to the Bourneville-based production line for a second year running. Credit: PA

Cadbury's Christmas Puds return to the shelves for a second festive season after an 18-year long break.

The 90s fan-favourites were reintroduced last year and, after a "triumphant return", are back on the production line for a second year.

The Dairy Milk chocolate balls, with a truffle centre and crunchy hazelnut and rice pieces, are being sold as packs of five or individual pieces.

Cadbury brand manager, Nicole Dudley, said they are hoping to redefine the meaning of a Christmas pudding.

She said: “When you hear the term ‘Christmas Pud’, your mind is immediately drawn to the traditional festive dessert – a traditional sweet treat that not everyone has a taste for.

"But with our Cadbury Puds, we promise chocolate lovers a Christmas Pud you’ll love, with its deliciously crunchy chocolate truffled centre."

Cadbury Christmas Puds return for a second year, after their 18 year hiatus. Credit: PA

Mrs Dudley added: "We can’t wait to hear how they go down this year, after such a triumphant return in 2021.”

Sarah Foden, an archivist for the Bourneville-based company, said: “We are very proud to have brought back our nostalgic festive customer favourite, Cadbury Puds.

"Returning by popular demand for a second year running, these delicious treats hail from the early 90s, when they quickly became the nation’s no.1 self-treat option.

"We’re thrilled that they are now back on the shelves, with packaging that replicates the design of their original look with a modern twist.”