'We 11 men to the final we go': The choir turning Christmas carols into World Cup-themed songs

ITV News' Ben Chapman hears from the Do Your Thing choir, who've been turning Christmas carols into England songs

England take on champions France on Saturday in the World Cup quarter-finals - two weeks before Christmas.

In celebration of the festive season and Southgate's men's place in the final eight, Stockport-based choir Do Your Thing have Christmas carols an England theme.

We Three Kings becomes 'stars of football, stars in white'... 'Southgate leading, still proceeding', while the lyrics to Deck The Halls get a makeover with 'England in the quarter finals... bringing lots of yuletide smiles'.

Musical Director, Liz Taylor, who reworked the songs with the presenters said it had been "really enjoyable" to sprinkle traditional tunes with World Cup references.

Harry Kane has been nominated for the Ballon d'Or. Credit: PA

"It was fun to take a Christmas carol and then link it to what's going on with the World Cup," she told ITV News.

She said she would be "over the moon" if her songs travelled to Qatar and were music to the ears of the team.

The choir hopes the festive tunes will bring the team luck for the big match.

For her part, Ms Taylor predicts a 2-1 victory for England, which will certainly be an opportunity to deck the halls.