'They were happy to lie to protect my brother,' Harry claims in latest Netflix trailer

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship discusses the early revelations made in the trailer for Volume Two of Harry & Meghan

Netflix has teased the final three episodes of the Harry and Meghan documentary, with the Duke of Sussex claiming "they were happy to lie to protect my brother, they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us."

The streaming company released the trailer on Monday for the final three episodes of the documentary series due to be released on December 15.

In the trailer, the Duchess of Sussex said: "I wasn't being thrown to the wolves. I was being fed to the wolves."

The trailer focuses on the final days of their time in the Royal Family and their attempt to build a new life.

A series of claims were made during with trailer with one commentator saying: "They were actively recruiting people to disseminate disinformation."

Prince Harry says he saw "institutional gaslighting".

Harry said: "They were happy to lie to protect my brother, they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us." Credit: PA

Meghan also adds: "Our security was pulled. Everyone in the world knew where we were."

The first three episodes aired last week but there has been no official comment from Buckingham Palace. Palace sources say Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and members of the royal family were not approached for comment on the content of the Netflix series.

In the first instalment, Harry accused the royals of having a “huge level of unconscious bias” when it comes to race, and Meghan alleged the media wanted to “destroy” her.

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In the series, Harry said members of his family questioned why Meghan needed more protection from the media than their wives had been given, but he said they failed to grasp the “race element”.

The couple also took aim at the British press, with Meghan claiming “salacious stories” were “planted” in the lead-up to their wedding, and the couple saying they were “playing whack-a-mole” as the articles appeared.

The first part of the documentary aired last week. Credit: PA

Harry said he felt it was his duty to uncover the “exploitation and bribery” within the media who “know the full truth”, and he spoke of the “harassment” his mother – Diana, Princess of Wales – suffered and the fear that Meghan would also be “driven away by the media”.

Harry and Meghan signed lucrative deals, thought to be worth more than £100 million, with Netflix and Spotify after quitting, with the docuseries this week the first major output for them on the streaming giant.