Extracts show Harry saved the most dangerous and gruesome detail for his book

Harry revealed issues he has been carrying for a long time, Chris Ship reports as he breaks down the impact of the autobiography

If you can think back to the Oprah Winfrey interview, and go all the way back to Spring 2021, I remember thinking then 'what more is there to say?'

We already had allegations of racism, Harry marrying Meghan and questions about her mental health at the time. And then we had the Netflix series; six parts, six hours before Christmas.

What I think is clear today is that Harry has saved all of it, all the most dangerous and gruesome detail for the book.

And we also now know why he called it 'Spare' and it started, according to Harry, from a very early age when he says William had the bigger half of the bedroom at Balmoral. He had the double bed and my half was smaller.

So, this is something that Harry has been carrying for a very long time.

Throughout the day we got all sorts of different information. From the benign about his bedroom to the very serious about the fact he says he totted up that he killed 25 people when he was in Afghanistan, how he was told by his father that his mother has died and that Nazi uniform, that everyone will remember Harry wearing.

He says and he claims that it was William and Kate who told him to wear it and they laughed when he first put it on.

Again, all Harry’s claims. We haven’t heard from the other side. No comment from either Buckingham Palace or Kensington.

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