Ice glaciers shrinking at a record rate and experts warn only some can be saved

The impact is being seen everywhere. If temperatures keep rising, two thirds of the world's glaciers will melt out of existence by the end of the century - Rupert Evelyn reports

The Mer De Glace or Sea of Ice glacier is the largest valley of ice in France but, due to climate change, it is shrinking fast.

Along the tourist route is a lonely sign that shows where the ice used to be back in 1985 - some 38 years later it is now 150 meters lower.

It comes after the UK and many other parts of Europe faced record temperatures last year.

Last year, France's average temperature was above 14 degrees Celsius.

Glaciologist Luc Moreau speaking to ITV News' Rupert Evelyn. Credit: ITV News

And, if temperatures keep rising in countries like Switzerland and elsewhere in the Alps, glaciers there are forecast to lose more than 80% of their current mass over this century.

Many will disappear regardless of efforts to reverse climate change, but experts say some can be saved.

Luc Moreau is a glaciologist. There was a time in the 1970s when he witnessed glaciers growing but the melt has accelerated. His measurements last year beat all records. He believes humanity is responsible for the melting landscape and preventing a total thaw is also down to us.

Credit: ITV News

These towering mountains will, whatever the climate, always grab our attention - and here it's even possible to get inside the ice.

It comes as a stark reminder to visitors of our changing world.

This glacier has scared the valley and it's still carving into it. What we are witnessing is change and it's happening at record speed.

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