Nirbhaya 10 years on: India's watershed moment for violence against women

This video contains distressing images

In a special report, ITV News' Sejal Karia spoke with the mother of Jyoti Singh about her ongoing struggle and fight for change throughout India

Ten years ago, the gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in India sparked a watershed moment in the country's attitudes towards violence against women.

The case, which is widely recognised as Nirbhaya, involved Jyoti Singh being gang-raped by six individuals who were travelling on the same bus, in Munirka, South West Delhi.

She was thrown from the bus and died in hospital nearly two weeks later as a result of her injuries.

At the time Nirbhaya triggered widespread condemnation from both within and outside India.

Hundreds protested against the government, voicing their anger at a failure to provide adequate security for women.

The protests eventually led to reforms being introduced, such as the creation of fast-track courts to hear rape cases, as well as laws to give recognition to more nuanced definitions of violence against women and stricter penalties for convicted criminals - including the death penalty.

Ten years may have passed since the horrific incident took place but the women, who it impacted so deeply, have not forgotten.

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