Partygate: The Inside Story - new revelations and our whistleblowers in their own words

MPs have determined he lied throughout the partygate scandal.So what did Boris Johnson really know about Downing Street’s notorious parties?With fresh blockbuster revelations from our sources, who you'll hear in their own words for the first time, Partygate: The Inside Story lifted the lid even further in the definitive behind-closed-doors story of one of the biggest scandals of our era.

From the start, ITV News’s UK Editor Paul Brand delivered exclusive after exclusive - from a shocking leaked video and damning emails to shaming photographic evidence - which rocked Boris Johnson’s government, shattered its repeated denials, humbled the Metropolitan Police and ultimately led to the then-PM being ousted from office.

Now in this enthralling podcast series our multiple-award-winning journalist can finally take you inside Number 10 to reveal the full story. Along with exclusive interviews and never-before-aired details of our investigation, you’ll hear directly from several of our whistleblowers and sources, who were instrumental in helping us expose the truth.And, of course, the story ran to a remarkable conclusion.In a final bonus episode Paul and his producer Nathan Lee return to digest Mr Johnson's shock resignation as an MP and the damning conclusions from the cross-party committee of MPs who unequivocally ruled he lied about what he knew, saw and did.

Below is your guide to the explosive seven-episode series:

EPISODE 1: GET THE PARTY STARTEDFor the first time let our Downing Street sources take you inside Number 10 to describe the scale of the pandemic rule-breaking. They’ll explain how a drinking culture defied the very emergency laws civil servants were making, what then-PM Boris Johnson witnessed first hand, and reveal the moment that triggered our whistleblower to release the devastating evidence that would blow the scandal wide open. UK Editor Paul Brand and his producer Nathan Lee then recall the many challenges of getting it to air on ITV News.

EPISODE 2: GOBSMACKEDThe nation and soon the world react to our devastating new evidence of partying. Paul reflects with GMB’s Susanna Reid on why the footage proved so explosive. Our sources give you the inside track on the private reactions of Number 10 staff as the prime minister denies rules were broken, before the scandal forces its first major resignation. Plus, how would Downing Street hunt our whistleblower who exposed the truth?

EPISODE 3: BYOBUnbelievable revelations keep coming as Westminster journalists feast on leaked evidence and newly talkative sources. Paul lands a second major scoop to directly draw a party line to the prime minister before our sources take you inside the most notorious Downing Street party of them all. And then comes our third huge revelation which would ultimately do the biggest damage to Boris Johnson’s reputation.


Our sources take you back inside Downing Street as police enter Number 10 with a party in full swing. Paul and Nathan examine why the Met Police were so reluctant to investigate the lockdown-busting events for so long, only to deliver a dramatically timed u-turn. A former Met chief superintendent explains how the probe should have been done, before one of our sources reveals shocking new claims of the efforts staff took to cover up evidence of partying inside Number 10.

The series examines the role of the police and the effectiveness of the Met investigation into Downing Street's partying. Credit: PA


Paul and Nathan give you the inside track as Boris Johnson becomes the first prime minister to have been found to have broken the law - and Anushka Asthana reveals how close his chancellor Rishi Sunak came to calling it quits. But were the party fines dished out in Downing Street fair? Another of our sources who paid the price questions the methods and the intentions of those who ruled in power. And as police conclude their investigation, did they only uncover half the truth?EPISODE 6: GETTING AWAY WITH IT?

Paul and Nathan obtain - on a train - the defining shaming image of the scandal, before one of our sources takes you inside the room to reveal what the camera failed to capture that day - and the damning comment from Boris Johnson which could still come back to haunt him. As Sue Gray verifies our reporting with a scathing report and a fresh rebellion emerges, the PM is left badly wounded.EPISODE 7: THE HANGOVERAs Ant and Dec reflect on the never-ending story, a new scandal plays out and suddenly the revolt is on. Anushka once again takes you inside Number 10 as an embattled PM clings on, before the end finally comes. Or does it? Suddenly political events offer the ousted leader a stunning return. Yet partygate soon proves his undoing once again. But with key questions still unanswered, what’s the legacy of our revelations - both for Boris Johnson and the British establishment?

What did Boris Johnson really know about Downing Street’s notorious parties? With fresh revelations from our sources, in their own words, listen to the definitive behind-closed-doors story of one of the biggest scandals of our era.