EuroMillions' youngest UK winner says she 'wouldn't wish it on anyone'

Jane Park won the EuroMillions with the first ever ticket she bought. Credit: Getty

The UK's youngest winner of the EuroMillions has said she "wouldn't wish it on anyone" as she opened up about the pitfalls of gaining wealth and fortune overnight.

Jane Park, from Edinburgh, was just 17 when she scooped a £1 million jackpot in 2013, with the very first ticket she bought to enter the draw.

The EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, which was launched in 2004 and has two separate draws every Tuesday and Friday.

Ms Park soon went public with the win and indulged in a number of purchases, including cosmetic procedures and holidays.

But in an interview with US talk show host Dr Phil this week, Ms Park revealed the win propelled her into a level of fame and attention she wasn't prepared for as a teenager.

She said: "It's horrible, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, at 17 you're not even a proper adult, I was such a young naive 17-year-old as well."

Ms Park was asked by Dr Phil if she had any regrets about how she spent the money, to which she responded: "I don't regret any of the money I spent. My only regret would be going so public with the win.

"When I won it was a very quick turnover, it was massive. At the time it was kind of crazy and it's even crazier looking back.

"I splashed out a bit because I never knew the value of a million pounds, I never seen that kind of money, I never knew anyone with that kind of money so I kind of splashed a bit on stuff that I've always wanted."

During the episode, titled "The Curse of the Lottery", Ms Park featured alongside several experts, who discussed the likelihood of winning lotteries and why people choose to enter.

She said at one point she considered suing the National Lottery for "ruining her life".

"In the UK, it was 18 to gamble and 16 to play the lottery. You couldn't put a pound in a machine or couldn't go in the shop and buy cigarettes or alcohol, and you couldn't go into a casino, but you could play the lottery," she added.

"I was basically wanting them to listen, like me calling the lottery up and saying 'listen, I think you should raise the age' they were never going to listen and that is why I went massive with it.

"Since then, that story went very big and they have raised the age to 18 and I feel like I've made a massive impact on that."

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