Reeva Steenkamp's father on his face-to-face meeting with Oscar Pistorius a decade after her murder

Reeva Steenkamp's father and mother speak to ITV's Good Morning Britain a decade after their daughter's murder

Ten years after his daughter's murder, Reeva Steenkamp's father met face-to-face with her killer Oscar Pistorius.

The double-amputee Paralympic sprinter shot and killed his girlfriend, Steenkamp, at his home in Pretoria, South Africa on Valentine's Day 2013.

He was later convicted of murder but always maintained he believed she was an intruder and had not realised she was his girlfriend when he shot her.

He is currently serving a 13-year prison term.

Steenkamp's father, Barry, took the decision to meet with Oscar Pistorius, as part of the South Africa Victim-Offender dialogue programme.

Reeva Steenkamp was murdered by Oscar Pistorius on Valentines Day 2013.

Speaking on Tuesday to ITV's Good Morning Britain, he said: "I'm sure that he did have remorse after shooting Reeva... I asked him certain questions, all June [Reeva's mother] and I wanted to know is the truth - and we think that is that he killed her out of anger.

"I cut our chat short, because I didn't get the answers I wanted.

"It was very traumatising for me and June who wasn't there.

"We feel it's not true, the version that he gave."

Fearing that she would not be able to control her actions if she was in the same room as Pistorius, Steenkamp's mother decided not to visit.

She said: "I wrote a letter to him as I was afraid of what I would do if I went there, I didn't know how I would react so I decided not to go.

"He had taken the most precious thing that we got from God, I wrote to him all the things he'd taken away from us, Reeva's wedding, her wedding dress, she never got to do her law degree."

Remembering her daughter, she said: "We just love her and miss her so much, a part of our life has gone... but we'll see her one day and that's what we look forward to."

The couple now run the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation in their daughter's honour, to help victims of domestic abuse.

Now that he has served over half of his sentence, Pistorius is able to qualify for parole.

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