What's new from the Partygate Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson?

Several images have been released showing evidence of rule breaking in Downing Street.

The preliminary report from the Privileges Committee is quite damning.

What’s new? Well it concludes that Boris Johnson may have misled Parliament on several occasions and includes new photographs of him attending events during lockdown, including with booze on the table.

It also contains WhatsApp messages from his director of communications at the time, raising concerns about a birthday party being organised for the then-PM.

“I’m struggling to come up with a way this one is within the rules in my head."

This suggests Number 10 knew it was probably illegal and police eventually concluded it was.

Mr Johnson believes he has been thrown a bone by the departure of Sue Gray, who is set to be Labour’s chief of staff. The committee makes repeated reference to her report.

“It is surreal to discover that the committee proposes to rely on evidence culled and orchestrated by Sue Gray," Mr Johnson said in a statement.

However, Ms Gray’s report largely confirmed what had already been reported by the media prior to its publication.

What did Boris Johnson really know about Downing Street’s notorious parties? With fresh revelations from our sources, in their own words, listen to the definitive behind-closed-doors story of one of the biggest scandals of our era...

It was mostly a compilation with only a few new details/conclusions. Though of course it had important authority as an official report commissioned by the government.

Question is whether Mr Johnson - having previously apologised, accepted contents of Sue Gray report and argued that it vindicated him - is now disputing the detail of the parties.

We will find that out when he gives oral evidence later this month.