Lutherland hits Netflix: Idris Elba hopes to take Luther 'storyline to Africa' in future

ITV News entertainment reporter Rishi Davda spoke with Idris Elba and Andy Serkis ahead of the film's release

If Idris Elba had a pound for every time someone asked him if he was going to be the next James Bond, well - he’d be a horrifically wealthy individual.

It must be noted that he has said 'no' countless times - genuinely, I lost count tallying up all his denials.

His latest release, a feature-length film starring as charismatic copper John Luther, is further proof that he has no interest in shaken martinis.

Luther was a hugely success BBC TV series, but streaming super-giants Netflix have snapped up the rights and have turned it into a film - potentially the first of many. 

Idris envisions the films "as a three to four book offering, we did five seasons of the show, we wanted more stories".

He said: "We’re showing ambition to do something which keeps the old audience and brings in new people too."

Luther: The Fallen Sun is available on Netflix later this week and Idris stars opposite Andy Serkis, who plays a sadistic serial killer. 

Talking about getting into character, Andy said it was the "de-sensitisation that was the interesting thing".

He said: "What is it that while we are driving makes us want to look at the crash on the opposite side? What is it about the dark side of humanity that keeps us interested?"

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Idris is using his movie star platform to try and elevate filmmaking around the world. 

The A-Lister recently met with the presidents of both Ghana and Tanzania to lay out potential plans for new film studios.

When I asked him about the need for African countries to thrive as creative hubs, Idris replied: "Creative industries need to happen and Africa more than anywhere".

"Its stories have been misunderstood, mis-told. The narrative could do with a shift. What I’m doing as an actor, I’m a link in the chain, creating facilitation around the industry and offering people the chance to tell those stories."

On the possibility of one day taking John Luther to the African continent, he said "Lutherland isn’t locked into the UK. It could be in London or end up being in Mozambique... Lutherland still exists, heightened and smart."

Idris Elba at the world premiere of Luther: The Fallen Sun, in London. Credit: PA

"Hopefully I take a storyline to Africa, why not," he added.

Luther’s move to Netflix provides not only a bigger budget, but also a potentially bigger audience. 

At a time when the lines are becoming increasingly blurred between TV, cinema and streamers Andy remarks that "the landscape is shifting".

He said: "People will watch Luther on their phones on the way to work, it’s a change from how we used to do things, but testament to the level of great content available to us."

Luther: The Fallen Sun premieres globally on Netflix on Friday, March 10