Femicide Census: The 107 women killed where a man is the suspect in the past year

The killings of Zara Aleena and Emma Pattison are some of the most high-profile. Credit: PA

By Lewis Denison, ITV News Westminster Producer

Men are still regularly killing women, lessons are not being learned and warm words are no longer enough to stop them.

That's what Jess Phillips told the House of Commons when reading the names of 107 women who were killed by a man or where a man was the principle suspect in the past 12 months.

The Birmingham Yardley MP reads the 'Counting Dead Women' list each year on International Women's Day to highlight the prevalence of violence against women - but society is still not changing.

There have been more than 100 women on the list every year since campaigner Dr Karen Ingala Smith began compiling it over a decade ago.

The clamour for change has been huge in recent years, with massive women's rights protests taking place, particularly following the murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer in 2021, but the list continues to grow.

As bereaved families and campaigners stood in silence for the speech, the MP said: "The families and the Killed Women campaign, who join us here today, would want me to make clear that lessons are not being learned. Warm words are no longer enough.

“We honour these women not by reading out their names, not by doing any of the promises that happen in this place, we honour them with deeds not with words.”

MP Jess Phillips reads a list of the women killed in the past year where a man was the principle suspect

Thanks to the Femicide Census, "killed women are no longer just a name recorded in a local paper", Ms Phillips told MPs, and this year's list contains women whose "brutal killings have become household names".

Some of those high-profile killings include that of Elle Edwards, who was shot at a pub in the Wirral, and headteacher Emma Pattison who was killed by her husband along with their daughter.

But there are dozens of names on the list who may have remained anonymous, if not for the work of Dr Ingala Smith. The youngest female killed was 15 and the oldest was 92.

Ms Phillips urged the government to publish the "long overdue sentencing review in domestic homicide" and questioned why femicide is currently not mentioned in domestic abuse strategy.

She said action is needed to fix society, not words, because every International Women's Day people hope "next time it will be different. It never is".

  • Sabita Thanwani

  • Yasmin Begum

  • Shotera Bibi

  • Sherry Bruce

  • Helen Lawrie

  • Emma Baillie

  • Ramona Stoia

  • Alyson Nelson

  • Susan Farrance

  • Katie Kenyon

  • Buddug Jones

  • Inayat Begum

  • Dolet Hill

  • Tanysha Ofori-Akuffo

  • Samantha Drummonds

  • Diana Gabaliene

  • Aimee Cannon

  • Amanda McAlear

  • Shannon Stanley

  • Lorraine Cullen

  • Karen Wheeler

  • Lisa Fraser

  • Ania Jedrkowiak

  • Unnamed woman

  • Mari O'Flynn

  • Julie Youel

  • Antonella Castelvedere

  • Kerry Owen

  • Sarah Ali

  • Jennifer Andrews

  • Unnamed woman

  • Margaret Una Noone

  • Sakunthala Francis

  • Sally Turner

  • Somaiya Begum

  • Zara Aleena

  • Wendy Morris

  • Abi Fisher

  • Margaret Barnes

  • Hina Bashir

  • Samantha Murphy

  • Madison Wright

  • Lauren Howe

  • Becci Rees-Hughes

  • Mairi Doherty

  • Kathleen John

  • Helen Barlow

  • Mckyla Taylor

  • Elinor O'Brien

  • Ashley Dale

  • Karen Dempsey

  • Wendy Buckney-Morgan

  • Lizzie McCann

  • Margaret Griffiths

  • Susan Moore

  • Katie Hurmuz-Irimia

  • Jacqueline Forrest

  • Patricia Bitters

  • Harleen Kaur Satpreet Gandhi

  • Hollie Thompson

  • Ruth Stone-Houghton

  • Jillu Nash

  • Jill Barclay

  • Diana Dafter

  • Hilary Round

  • Angie White

  • Yolanda Saldana Feliz

  • Deborah Gumbrell

  • Caroline Adeyelu

  • Keisha Christodoulou

  • Emma Potter

  • Alexis Karran

  • Clair Armstrong

  • Jacqueline Rutter

  • Lorraine Mills

  • Fatoumatta Hydara

  • Ruta Draudvilaite

  • Mary Andrews

  • Michelle Hanson

  • Maureen Gitau

  • Cynthia Turner

  • Anju Asok

  • Ailish Walsh

  • Natalie McNally

  • Sabrina Cooper

  • Stacey Warnock

  • Francesca Di Dio

  • Courtney Boorne

  • Elle Edwards

  • Stephanie Hansen

  • Gabriella Rudin

  • Beatrice Corry

  • Jacqueline Kerr

  • Holly Newton

  • Anne Woodbridge

  • Emma Pattison

  • Valentina Cozma

  • Erica Parsons

  • Lorna England

  • Edna Berry

  • Darrell Buchanan

  • Eliza Bibby

  • Sarah Brierley

  • Sarah Albone

  • Sandra Giraldo

  • Charlotte Wilcock

  • Jane Collinson