'What is this?': Roman Kemp accidentally eats rare Cadbury's Creme Egg 'worth £10,000'

Kemp tweeted that he had found one of the rare eggs over the weekend. Credit: PA/Twitter/@romankemp

Roman Kemp has accidentally eaten a rare Cadbury's Creme Egg which is potentially worth up to £10,000.

On Sunday, the Capital FM radio host tweeted a picture of the chocolate treat, alongside the caption: "What is this? Half white half milk chocolate?"

He then followed it up with a separate tweet, saying: "I have already eaten it and people are saying it's worth £10k?"

Speaking on Monday's edition of his radio breakfast show, Kemp said that he initially assumed a mistake had been made during the production of the egg.

He said: "I was aware obviously that they've got the white chocolate ones, they've obviously got the normal milk chocolate ones, so I'm thinking, this is just a mistake."

Some 146 half and half Creme Eggs were distributed across the UK as part of the firm's Easter competition, with six worth £10,000.

Anyone who finds one of the eggs must phone the number which is printed on the ticket under the foil wrapper. Terms and conditions listed by Cadbury's also state that a picture of the lucky winner with their egg uneaten "may be required".

But as Kemp ate the egg before taking a picture with it, it is unclear if he would be entitled to a prize.

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Cadbury's says on its website that "if entrants are unable to pass the verification checks, it will be to the discretion of the Promoter as to whether a prize is issued".

Fans of the 30-year-old took to social media to point out Kemp's potentially costly error.

One tweeted: "Omg! I think you have literally won a prize with that!"

"Erm you'll find that might be worth up to £10K. No joke! Hope you haven't ate it!," another said.