Baby rescued from Turkey-Syria earthquake rubble reunited with mum 54 days later

Little baby Gizem has been reunited with her mother. Credit: Twitter/@deryayanikashb

A baby who was pulled from the wreckage of the Turkey-Syria earthquake has been reunited with her mother after 54 days.

She had survived the devastating tremors on February 6 but was trapped in the rubble for 128 hours until she was rescued.

She was then taken into social care in Ankara and named Gizem, which translates to mystery.

But 54 days later, on Saturday, she was reunited with her mother.

A video, posted by Turkey's minister for family and social services Derya Yanık, shows her taking the baby by plane to meet her mum.

She was filmed hugging her daughter in a hospital bed.

It turns out her real name is Vetin Begdaş.

Vetin is not the only youngster whose survival has captured attention around the world.

Syrian baby girl, whose mother gave birth to her while trapped under the rubble of their home during the earthquake, has gained a huge following.

She was taken to hospital, where she was named Aya, Arabic for “a sign from God".

Baby Aya who was born in the earthquake rubble Credit: AP

The little girl was given round-the-clock armed protection, as many people were falsely claiming to be her family and coming forward to adopt her.

There was even an armed siege at the hospital after a nurse, who had been taking pictures of her, was fired for allegedly plotting to take her.

With her parents and all her siblings killed in the quake, Aya was eventually taken in by her great-uncle.

Aya is one of untold numbers of orphans left by the 7.8-magnitude quake, which killed more than 20,000 people in northern Syria and southeastern Turkey.

The pre-dawn quake brought down thousands of apartment buildings on residents as they were roused from sleep, so entire families often perished.

In most cases, relatives take in orphaned children, doctors and experts say.

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