Cows could be fed methane burp blockers to reduce emissions

Cows could be given “methane blockers” to reduce their emissions. Credit: PA

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not cow’s farts which are the biggest producers of methaneinstead it’s their burps and manure.

The UK’s 9.4 million cattle produce up to 120kg of methane each per year.

That’s 14% of all human related emissions.

Methane is one of the worst greenhouse gasses when it comes to global warming.

Over the first 100 years it warms the planet twenty five times more than carbon dioxide.

To help the government reach their ‘Net Zero’ target plans have been announced to give cows ‘methane blockers’ incorporated into their feed to reduce emissions.

The move follows trials started last summer.

Farmers have welcomed the decision and it is only thought to add 33p per year to the average consumer’s cost of milk.

There has been some criticism from environmental campaigners who fear there’s an over reliance on ‘unproven’ technological fixes rather than addressing underlying issues.

However, if the roll out is successful, there is scope to use similar methane blocking feed for sheep too.

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