What will the weather be like for the coronation and the bank holiday weekend?

Crowds of people fill the Mall at a previous royal celebration, following the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. Credit: PA

Hundreds of thousands of people will be heading out to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, while many others will be simply hoping to get outside to enjoy the three-day weekend.

While the coronation itself is sure to be a day of pomp, ceremony and a celebration of Britain's royal institution, in true British style the weather could throw a spanner in the works for people hoping for a weekend of sunshine.

So, if you're queueing for the King, hosting a street party or simply heading out to the pub, here's what to expect from the weather this bank holiday weekend.

What is the weather forecast for the King's Coronation?

A mixed forecast for this Saturday - Coronation Day and the start of another long Bank holiday weekend.

Staying mild but temperatures will be a little lower than we would like - no need to dust off the BBQ just yet.

If you're visiting London or Windsor - keep that (waterproof) Royal Cape or poncho to hand I'd say!

In London

Any early bright sky first thing will soon be giving way to more cloud as some rain heads in from late morning onwards. The rain will break up a little through the afternoon. Highs of 15-17C.

In Windsor

Cloud thickening up with outbreaks of rain moving in during the morning and lasting well into the afternoon. Highs of 17-19C like London.

Crowds outside Windsor Castle. Credit: PA

For the rest of the UK

Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England will get away with drier conditions, with some sunshine before showers move into the north-west.

For the rest of us outbreaks of rain moving in.

Eastern coasts will be prone to a cool breeze.

What will Sunday look like?

Some sunny spells developing - but showers and longer downpours will develop - cropping up mostly in the east - often slow moving, prolonged and heavy but easing later to leave a drier end to the day.

Drier in the west with brighter skies and some sunshine.

Feeling very mild - almost muggy for parts of the south-east. Highs of 17-20C. 

What can we expect on Monday?

An extra Bank Holiday and typically the weather lets us down!

Cloudy skies with rain moving into many areas. Staying mild - even with the rain.

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