Will you take part in 'No Mow May'?

Pollinator, Sittingbourne Credit: Laura Parry

What's it all about?

May is a busy month in the garden but you could save yourself some time AND help your local environment by keeping that lawnmower locked away for just a little longer.

In 2019, the conservation charity 'Plantlife' launched their annual campaign 'No Mow May'. Now in it's fifth year, it calls on gardeners to let their lawns run wild for the month.

Pollinator in Cosham Credit: Carol Elliott


The advantages are many and varied:

  • The resulting weeds and wildflowers are a valuable source of nectar for our bees and butterflies;

  • The longer grass provides welcome cover for foraging wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs, as well as a wide variety of insects to snack on;

  • A healthy lawn with long grass and wildflowers can help in the fight against climate change by absorbing pollution and locking carbon away in the soil.

Brimstone on bluebells Credit: Hazel Showell

How to take part:

If you have a lawn then simply leave the mowing until June. If you don't have a lawn at home then consider areas at a workplace or in your local community.

You can then sit back and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of helping the environment, or if you want to get really involved, you can upload your details on the Plantlife website here.

Bee heading for blossom Credit: Roy Venkatesh