Book by unknown author soars in pre-sale charts after unconfirmed Taylor Swift link

Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour, at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.
Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour, at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Credit: AP

An untitled book by an unknown author has shot to the top of sales charts in the US after fans speculated it could be written by pop star Taylor Swift - despite having no solid evidence.

The book, known only as “4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023”, is written by a yet-to-be announced author and is due to be published in July.

However, it has already caused a stir after the musician's fans - know as Swifties - became convinced there is a connection to the 33-year-old singer, despite no concrete proof of her involvement and no comment from the star.

Swift is currently touring the US on her Eras Tour, and recently returned to her hometown Nashville, Tennessee, where she performed for fans in the pouring rain.

Swift's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Credit: AP

The mystery book is from Flatiron, an imprint of the publisher Macmillan, and is available for pre-order for $45 (£35).

It has been hovering in the top 10 of the Amazon book sales chart, recently rising as high as number two, and is also currently number one on Barnes & Noble’s pre-orders chart.

Both online platforms have the book available to pre-order but do not show any more information, other than it is a hardback, it has 544 pages, and it is written in English.

The book has been described in the alleged publisher's document, circulating on social media, as a “biography or autobiography” that would feature 40 colour photos.

“This is not a political book, it is a fun, celebratory title and will skew slightly younger, but is for people of all ages," the document appears to read.

"This has global appeal and will have massive publicity. I would comp (compare) this to Flatiron’s Matthew Perry memoir … and a little bit to Spare by Prince Harry."

Fans are speculating that Swift’s decision to use “dear reader” in her announcement for the re-release of her third album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) was a clue that a book would follow.

They also claim that as the number of pages add up to the number thirteen (5+4+4), this could be a sign as that is the singer’s "lucky number".

The speculation has prompted the hashtag #TaylorSwiftBook on TikTok, which has now garnered more than one million views, as Swifties share their theories over the future release.

Meanwhile, books shops across the US have been fueling the the rumours in a bid to cash in on the fan theories.

Skylark Bookshop in Missouri announced the upcoming release in an Instagram post. Credit: Instagram

Skylark Bookshop in Missouri encouraged readers to “preorder now” in an Instagram post featuring numerous Swift lyrics in the caption.

The post read: "We have something important to announce… Are you ready for it?

"On July 9th, a memoir will be released. The cool thing? We have no idea who wrote it or who it is about. We only have our suspicions.

"The details of the book will be announced on June 13th. We wonder, is there a celebrity who has an affinity for that number? Only time will tell."

But one store, Blue House Books in Wisconsin, reportedly wrote that it would offer refunds to Swift fans if the book turned out to be by someone else.

Which may be likely as on Tuesday, Variety said it “can report for certain that this mystery author is not, as rumoured, Taylor Swift”.

It added: "Anyone who pre-ordered the title-less title on Amazon believing it was the pop superstar can go ahead and cancel that order now; Swift does not have a book in the offing, it can be authoritatively said."

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