George Logan, part of comedy musical duo Hinge and Bracket, dies aged 78

George Logan as Dr Evadne Hinge (left) and Dame Hilda Bracket of Hinge and Bracket. Credit: PA

Hinge and Bracket star George Logan has died at the age of 78.

One half of the comedy and musical act, Logan played Dr Evadne Hinge alongside Patrick Fyffe's Dame Hilda Bracket for years in a series of TV and radio shows in the 1970s and 80s.

The duo began performing in London pubs and clubs before a successful appearance at the 1974 Edinburgh Festival landed them a touring gig.

Fyffe died in 2002 at the age of 60 from cancer.

Logan retired the character of Dr Hinge after he died, but returned her to the stage for the comic opera The Dowager's Oyster in 2016.

Their popularity earned them performances in front of royalty on several occasions and spots at two Royal Variety shows.

Hinge and Bracket aired on BBC One from 1978 to 1981, and Dear Ladies on BBC Two between 1983 and 1984.

Logan's death was confirmed by his family on Sunday.

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