Model posts final videos with grandmother who has chosen euthanasia after terminal diagnosis

Ali Tate Cutler and her grandmother have been filming content together. Credit: @ali_tate_cutler on Instagram

A Victoria's Secret model and 'self-love coach' has accrued millions of views documenting her grandmother's last dinners, trips, and conversations before she ends her life.

Ali Tate Cutler has used her TikTok and Instagram accounts to tell the story of her grandmother, who chose euthanasia in Canada, where it is legal, following a terminal diagnosis of cancer.

Ms Tate Cutler has earned over 15 million views on TikTok videos and hundreds of thousands of likes, filming "the hardest and most beautiful conversation (she has) ever had" as well as a getting ready video for a last dinner out with her grandmother.

"Your diagnosis is if it's fatal, how many more months you have; they give you time to consider," her grandmother said in a Q&A TikTok.

Ali Tate Cutler and her grandmother on TikTok. Credit: @alitatecutler/TikTok

"They keep stressing the fact that you can always change your mind.

"I came in quietly, I'd like to go out quietly," she added of her decision to die in the hospital instead of home.

"I do believe my husband is there saying it's about time... And I'll say, 'Hi hun, I'm here'."

Ms Tate Cutler's grandmother explained she would be injected and put to sleep before receiving two more injections, describing the whole process as "painless".

The model has been transparent about her own feelings on publicising her grandmother's last few days after attracting some criticism.

"I have always felt death was taboo and not discussed enough in the West," she wrote on TikTok.

Ms Tate Cutler's grandmother shares 'life advice' with TikTok. Credit: @alitatecutler on TikTok

"Death comes for us all.

"And seeing how triggered some people got on the matter of a stranger's dying choices, I know it was a heart-centered choice.

"That video got 11 million people talking about death.

"I would say this is one of the more useful conversations I have seen on this app.

"So I said what I said".

But Ms Tate Cutler has also documented that she sometimes struggles to cope with the fact her grandmother had chosen euthanasia, writing to her TikTok followers: "These last 4 days have been so hard."

"I'm trying to stay positive for my Bubbie [Ms Tate Cutler's name for her grandmother], but I can't handle that I'm about to say goodbye forever at the airport tomorrow.

"Being able to cry with her has been a blessing.

"But it's the finality of death that is repeating on a loop in my mind."

Ms Tate Cutler has received messages of support on both social media platforms.

One user wrote on Instagram: "Death (with) Dignity is a beautiful thing."

"Bless you and your family for respecting her right to life and her right to exit with an informed choice.

"Leaving is never easy, but leaving on your own terms is a wonderful thing in my opinion."

It is not known whether Ms Tate Cutler's grandmother is still alive, but the model posted a TikTok explaining she would be saying goodbye at the airport on Friday, 19 May.

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