Rishi Sunak approves Boris Johnson's honours list - who made the cut?

Political Correspondent Harry Horton reports on who did and did not make Boris Johnson's honours list

Rishi Sunak has approved Boris Johnson's resignation honours list, allowing his former boss to bestow peerages and knighthoods upon dozens of his allies.

The ex-prime minister gave an honour to his former principal private secretary Martin Reynolds, who was heavily implicated in the Partygate scandal - but allies Nadine Dorries and Sir Alok Sharma, who were expected to enter the House of Lords, did not make the cut.

They were struck from the list, according to reports, to avoid the government having to fight what could be a highly damaging by-election if he stood down to accept their peerages.

But Ms Dorries, who had already announced her plan to quit as the MP for Mid Bedfordshire at the next election, announced she would be triggering a by-election by standing down immediately, just minutes before the list was published.

Notable names on Boris Johnson's honours list:

  • Priti Patel

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg

  • Michael Fabricant

  • Simon Clarke

Commentators have speculated her decision to quit was in protest at reports Mr Sunak wanted her removing from the list to avoid a by-election.

Asked on Talk TV why she'd decided to quit, Ms Dorries said: "I cant reveal everything. something significant did happen to change my mind... and I think it's for the best."

Pressed to elaborate, she said: "I'm not altogether comfortable wit the way the party has conducted itself over the last year.

"I'm not happy with the events that took place removing Boris Johnson."

Just hours earlier she had insisted on the same TV channel that she did not want to trigger a by-election by resigning.

The politician denied Mr Sunak had blocked her appointment to the House of Lords.

She won a 60% majority in 2019 with 24,664 votes, but with Labour so far ahead in the polls the opposition party will be hoping for a victory.

Sir Alok holds a 4,000-vote majority over Labour in his Reading West constituency and a by-election would likely be closely fought by Sir Keir Starmer's party.

Mr Sunak had been under pressure from Labour to stop his predecessor-but-one creating more lords, dames, sirs and baronesses, with MP Stephen Kinnock saying the PM had "caved in" to reward Mr Johnson's "carousel of cronies".

"More evidence of just how weak Rishi Sunak is," he told Sky News, "Some of the people on that list, it just looks like a carousel of Boris Johnson's cronies and frankly the Prime Minister has caved in yet again because there's warring factions in the Conservative Party. "

Asked about the list during a trip to the US, the PM said he could not comment on an ongoing process.

Former prime minister Liz Truss, despite being the shortest serving prime minister in modern British political history, has also reportedly submitted a short resignation honours list.

Other inclusions on Boris Johnson's list includes Guto Harri, former Director of Communications at Downing Street, Kelly Jo Dodge, long-time Parliamentary hairdresser, and Sarah Vaughan-Brown, former personal advisor to Carrie Johnson.

Boris Johnson's honours list in full

Dames Commander of the Order of the British Empire:

- Andrea Marie Jenkins MP, Former Assistant Whip and Minister for Skills

- Amanda Anne Milling MP, Former Minister without Portfolio.

- Priti Patel MP, Former Home Secretary

- Ann Sindall, Personal Assistant to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Michelle Williams-Walker, Former Special Adviser and Head of Operations for the Prime Minister


- Conor Burns MP, Former Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office

- Simon Richard Clarke MP, Former Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Chief Secretary to the Treasury

- Michael Louis David Fabricant MP, Conservative MP for Lichfield

- William John Lewis MP, Political Adviser to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Jacob William Rees-Mogg MP, Former Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency

Companion of the Bath:

- Martin Alexander Baillie Reynolds, Former Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister

Commanders of the Order of the British Empire:

- Guto Harri, Former Director of Communications at Downing Street and London City Hall

- Rosemary Bate-Williams, Former Press Secretary to the Prime Minister

- David Joseph Blair, Former Foreign Affairs Speechwriter to the Prime Minister and Former Chief Foreign Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.

- Colin Cromarty Bloom, Former Faith Engagement Advisor to the Prime Minister

- Henry Charles Rixar Cook, Former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister

- Jack Doyle, Former Downing Street Director of Communications

- Roisha Maria Hughes, Former Principal Private Secretary to the Mayor of London

- Ray Arthur Lewis, Former Deputy Mayor of London

Officers of the Order of the British Empire:

- David Bruno John Canzini, Former Political Advisor to the Prime Minister

- Samantha Helen Cohen CVO, Former Director of the Office of the Prime Minister

- Alexander Karczewski Crowley, Former Political Adviser to the Prime Minister

- Rebecca Rose Haggar Kaikitis, Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon

- Samantha Geraldine Harrison, Former interim Permanent Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the Office of the Prime Minister

- Benjamin Robert Mallet, Former Strategy Director for the General Election and London Campaign Director

- Robert Mark Raymond Oxley, Former Press Secretary at Downing Street

- Daniel James Ritterband, Former Head of the Mayor of London Campaign

- Sarah Elizabeth Rebecca Vaughan-Brown, Former Personal Adviser to Carrie Johnson

- Dr William Gerald Winter Warr, Senior Vice President, Global Health Strategy at BioNTech, former Senior Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Health, Social Care and Life Sciences

- Catherine Grace Rostron OBE, Senior Parliamentary Assistant and Special Adviser to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Members of the Order of the British Empire:

- Kelly Jo Dodge, Long-time Parliamentary hairdresser

- Andrea Laybourne, Former Parliamentary Secretary to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Richard John Mark, Senior Parliamentary Assistant to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Gregory Alexander Munro, Senior Assistant and Adviser to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Alexander Joseph Bryan Simpson, Former Parliamentary and Constituency Secretary to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

- Lynda Teresa Summers, Former London Borough of Hillingdon

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