Americans are roasting the British online over the UK's heatwave

The UK is officially in a heatwave after consecutive days of soaring temperatures in various parts of the country.

Both yellow and, more severe, amber heat health warnings have been issued in recent days, meaning the NHS and other services could face more strain due to people struggling in the heat.

So why are people in the US roasting the Brits over it all?

A transatlantic tit-for-tat has exploded on Twitter and TikTok (among other social channels) over how Brits are coping in the plus-30°C heat.

Its origins seem to come from a tweet, viewed more than 28 million times, that claimed: "Americans wouldn't last 2 seconds in a british [sic] heatwave".

The response has been overwhelming - with many Americans roasting the British reaction to 30°C - or 86°F.

One user wrote: "86 degrees fahrenheit is breaking news in the UK?"

Another said: "Where's that girl that said Americans can't survive the British heat wave. I just wanna [sic] talk".

"It was 86 on Christmas over here [sic]," according to another Twitter user.

Many reshared ITV News' tweet of the soldier passing out during a military parade for Prince William in the capital last week.

But the Brits have not taken this ribbing lying down, a number have hit back and pointed to all manner of explanations for the difference in how we weather the heat.

TikToker Benedict Townsend argued British heat hits harder because "the buildings are insulated for winter" and there's a lack of air-conditioning.

He won some over in the comments section with one user writing: "Jokes aside as an Australian who is currently on holiday in the UK your heatwaves are no joke."

Another said: "My aussie colleague says he misses australia because its 'too hot in scotland' [sic]".

Americans living in the UK have also backed the British reaction.

"British heat hits different," said TikToker Iniki, "I will fight this one to the grave".

There's support for the British reaction among some on TikTok. Credit: TikTok

But there's a mores serious note to this transatlantic beef.

Experts are warning the country's services are simply "not ready" to respond to heatwaves.

Research by the Place-Based Climate Action Network found stakeholders from local authorities, first responders, utility companies and the transport sector are concerned at our lack of preparedness.

This was particularly true if extreme heat was to occur more frequently which, scientists have warned looks likely as a result of the climate crisis.