Lewis Capaldi taking break from touring 'for foreseeable future' due to Tourette’s

Lewis Capaldi has said he is still learning to adjust to the impact of his Tourette's syndrome as he announced he will be taking a break from touring. Rishi Davda has the latest

Lewis Capaldi has announced he will be taking a break from touring “for the foreseeable future,” saying he is “still learning to adjust to the impact of my Tourette’s.”

The star said his performance at Glastonbury at the weekend made it “obvious that I need to spend much more time getting my mental and physical health in order, so I can keep doing everything I love for a long time to come.”

After performing Bruises, for the crowds at Worthy Farm, Capaldi admitted he was starting to lose his voice.

He told the crowd: “I’m going to be honest everybody but I’m starting to lose my voice up here, but we’re going to keep going and we’re going to go until the end.

“I just need you all to sing with me as loud as you can if that’s okay?”

He later told the crowd: “I recently took three weeks off just because I’ve been none stop the past year and I wanted to take a wee break from my head for my mental health.

“I wanted to come back and do Glastonbury because it’s obviously so incredible so I just want to thank you all for coming out.

"I was scared but you’ve really made me feel at ease so thank you very much for that.”

Capaldi added: “I feel like I’ll be taking another wee break over the next couple of weeks so you probably won’t see much of me for the rest of the year maybe even.

"But when I do come back, when I do see you, I hope you’re all still up for watching.”

The Scottish star had a packed summer ahead of festivals and sold out shows across the world, including in Singapore and Australia.

He was meant to be performing a sold out show at Wales' Chepstow Racecourse on Saturday (July,1) but this has now been called off.

In September 2022 Capaldi opened up about his Tourette's diagnosis.

The condition causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics.

He said he has received Botox treatment in his shoulder to help control the tics.

Capaldi admitted he was relieved to discover he has the condition as he originally feared he might have a degenerative disease.

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