England cricketer Jonny Bairstow carries Just Stop Oil protester off pitch during Ashes Test

Sky Sports footage shows wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow carrying a protester off the pitch

Just Stop Oil protesters stopped the second Ashes Test on Wednesday, with England cricketer Jonny Bairstow taking matters into his own hands.

Ahead of the second over of the morning session at the Lord’s cricket ground, activists from the environmental group raced onto the pitch.

Bairstow immediately picked up one of the protesters and carrying them off the pitch.

Another Just Stop Oil protester was thwarted by security staff before being taken away from the grounds.

Security grab a Just Stop Oil protester during day one of the second Ashes test match at Lord's, London. Credit: PA

The Metropolitan Police said three people were arrested following the interruption. Two people were seen being put into the back of a police van outside the London ground after the on-pitch drama.

One of those arrested was biochemistry student named Daniel, who in a recording posted on the campaign group's Twitter said: "This is something that has to happen, as the alternative doesn't even bear thinking about."

In the pre-recorded video, the 21-year-old said he had become more aware of the climate crisis and that "he had to do something."

Just Stop Oil is calling for an end to all new coal, oil and gas projects in the UK.

The group has been staging daily protests since April 24, disrupting high profile events like the Chelsea Flower Show, the Gallagher Premiership rugby final at Twickenham and the World Snooker Championship, as well as holding daily slow marches on major London roads.

A spokesperson for the protest group said: “Cricket is an important part of our national heritage, but how can we enjoy England vs Australia when much of the cricketing world is becoming unfit for humans to live in?

“We can no longer afford to distract ourselves when the sports we play, the food we eat, and the culture we cherish is at risk.

“It’s time for cricket lovers and all those who understand the severity of this situation, to get onto the streets and demand action from this illegitimate, criminal government.

“When our children ask us ‘what did we do’ to avert this crisis, we better have a good answer.”

England's Ben Stokes grabs a Just Stop Oil protester. Credit: PA

Bairstow had to briefly leave the field to change his top, after it was covered in orange powder, before returning ahead of Stuart Broad starting his spell from the Nursery End.

On Monday, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist told LBC that policing the action has cost £5.5 million since April alone, on top of the £7.5 million spent policing the series of protests JSO staged between last October and December. Earlier this month, protest laws were tightened up to allow officers to intervene earlier where protesters are marching in the road, forcing them onto the pavement where disruption is felt to be more than minor.

Security detain the Just Stop Oil protester. Credit: PA

There have been a series of clashes with frustrated motorists, prompting police to urge the public not to take matters into their own hands. The Ashes pitch invasion is not the first time Bairstow has had to deal with disruption to play. In 2021 during the fourth test against India at the Oval, YouTube prankster Jarvo ran onto the pitch and collided with the unsuspecting Bairstow. Jarvo, real name Daniel Jarvis, was found guilty of aggravated trespass and handed a suspended prison sentence.