Weather forecast for popular Europe holiday spots hit by heatwave

Maximum temperatures are expected in the West Mediterranean, with the highest forecast between July 18-21. Credit: ITV Weather

As the schools finally break up for the summer holidays, thousands of Brits are getting ready to pack their bags and head to favourite European holiday destinations.

But with much of southern Europe and north Africa baking in extreme heat, what will it really be like where you are off to?

European heatwave latest

As of 18 July, the southern Europe heatwave is expected to persist and slowly intensify as the focus tends to shift eastwards from Spain to southeast Europe over the coming week.

Daytime highs will be widely above 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), with many parts of southern Spain, northern Morocco and Tunisia, Italy and surrounding islands, and parts of Turkey and Greece seeing temperatures around 40-45C (104-113F).

Overnight temperatures will remain into the mid-high 20C (75-85F).

The all-time record for Europe, accepted by the World Meteorological Organisation, is 48.0 Celsius in Athens in July 1977, which could be challenged over the coming days.

Temperatures in Greece are expected to be above 40C. Credit: PA

Spain - including Balearic Islands forecast

The highest temperatures for Spain seem to be over the next few days peaking in the low to mid 40 Celsius, before easing to the mid to high 30s as the heat moves eastwards towards Greece. Some local sites may get higher than 45-46C with some sites breaking local weather station records.

Temperatures will always be cooler towards the coast, however you will not have to travel too far in land for temperatures to quickly rise.

Overnight temperatures are likely to remain in the mid to high 20s Celsius.

For a specific local forecast visit the Spanish Met Service here.

Mainland Italy, Sicily and Sardinia forecast

Temperatures in Italy, Sicily and Sardinia are tending to peak now and into the weekend.

Temperatures will widely reach into the low to mid 40s with the risk of the European heat record being reached (48.0C). Temperatures on Tuesday, July 18 are likely to get 45-46C in Sardinia.

This heat is expected to last into the remaining days of July with overnight temperatures remaining into the mid to high twenties for most.

Many holidaymakers will find this oppressive as are the local communities.

For a specific local forecast visit the Italian Met Service here or Sardinia Met Service here.

Morocco and North Africa

Last week Algeria and Morocco recorded some of their highest temperatures, reaching 48C (118F). The heat here is set to continue.

Temperatures are likely to be higher than those in southern Europe closer to the mid to upper 40s.

Night-time temperatures will remain in the 20s, higher for locations such as Algiers.

Maximum temperatures expected in the East Mediterranean. Highest temperatures expected 22nd July to 25th July. Credit: ITV Weather

Greece forecast

The mainland of Greece is likely to experience temperatures higher than those of the surrounding Greek islands.

Temperatures are likely to be into the mid to high 40s across the mainland and into the high 30s and possibly low 40s for the islands.

Usually the larger the land mass, the higher the island temperature will get due to the influence from the sea keeping islands cooler.

Overnight temperatures are likely to remain in the mid 20s, higher on the mainland once again. A sea breeze across the islands will help to make it more comfortable at night if you are venturing out.

For a specific local forecast visit the Greek Met Service here.

Cyprus forecast

The heat for Cyprus is likely to build towards the weekend and early next week as it moves from the west Mediterranean to the east.

Places around the coast such as Paphos and Ayia Napa easily reaching the mid to high 30s peaking around 38C. Meanwhile for Nicosia, temperatures will exceed this, closer to 41C or 42C.

Overnight temperatures will remain in the low to mid twenties and it will always feel more comfortable at night towards the coast.

For a specific local forecast visit the Cypriot Met Service here.

Turkey forecast

From Izmir, Bodrum to Oludeniz temperatures are currently on the rise into the mid to high 30s and low 40s (over 104F).

The heat is set to build further and more widely to 40-45C for many areas as we move towards the weekend and into the start of next week.

Temperatures at night will hold up in the high twenties for many, with only some locations dropping below 25C, although this will happen less as the week continues.

For a specific local forecast visit the Turkish Met Service here.

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