Anne-Marie: 'Who does a job like mine when you have anxiety?'

ITV News entertainment reporter Rishi Davda sat down with Anne-Marie to talk anxiety, colouring, and her upcoming album

Chart success, another album on the way and a judge on one of the most popular singing competitions around, Anne-Marie exudes confidence and charisma.

However, the bright lights of celebrity have at times challenged her mental health.

The singer, 32, has been speaking openly about her anxiety and how at one stage it had her hiding from fans.

She believes that she "had anxiety before this career, but it's been intensified a little bit, because so many people are looking at me."

Anne-Marie is an ambassador for the charity Mind and is constantly encouraging her fans to speak about their feelings.

She's in a "much better" place now, but there was a point when interaction with new people made her so nervous that she "would go to the shops in a hat and sunglasses".

The singer hosted a colouring room at the Hoxton Arches in London for her fans.

One of the best remedies to the stresses of life in the limelight happened to be colouring.

The Essex-born performer said it's "one of the only things that can take me away from the world and what is happening."

She decided to host a colouring room at the Hoxton Arches in London for her fans, to see how colouring could help them to feel calm and also get a sneak peak of her new album.

Anne-Marie and Ed Sheeran performing together at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball in 2021. Credit: PA

One person who Anne-Marie has always been close to is Ed Sheeran - the pair have been friends for years.

She reflects that "having someone like Ed with me on the journey from the start, he was the first person I've met as I got into the industry.

"He's been brilliant because I always seem to turn to him whenever I'm in a situation where I don't know what to do, because he seems to have been through everything."

Anne-Marie spoke to ITV News entertainment reporter Rishi Davda about her music-making process

Anne-Marie is about to release her third album, Unhealthy, which, keeping in line with her characteristic candour, details plenty of personal stories.

"I started writing music based on true stories, my imagination wouldn't expand that way to make that stuff up," she says.

As Anne-Marie is heading on tour later this year, ITV News asked about her on-the-road- essentials

This time round, she's relaxed about the whole thing too.

"I definitely figured out how to have fun, I think I lost that a bit with the stress.

"If the fans are enjoying it then that is the best thing." Unhealthy comes out on July 28.

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