Greece mainland and islands weather forecast as wildfires ravage Rhodes and Corfu

The typical maximum temperatures expected in Greece on Wednesday. Credit: ITV Weather

An intense heatwave that started in early July continues to sear parts of south east Europe after days of extremely high temperatures.

Temperatures will remain very high for a few more days before some relief is expect from Thursday as something a little cooler in comparison moves in from the north.

This will bring temperatures closer to or a little above the July average.

Daytime highs will be widely above 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), with some parts seeing temperatures into the low to mid-40s Celsius (104-113F).

Overnight temperatures will remain above 20C widely, with some spots remaining in the high 20s.

Forecast for Athens including Central Greece

Temperatures will remain in the high 30s to low 40s through Monday, increasing to 43-44C on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

During Wednesday afternoon and into the evening, large thunderstorms are expected in the northwest of the country causing the north northwest winds to strengthen.

These short-lived, but intense storms will extend in the evening to Macedonia, Thessaly, the western Peloponnese and the southern Ionian.

From Thursday temperatures are expected to subside closer to typical values for the time of year around the low to mid 30s, continuing into the weekend with temperatures not expected to exceed 35 to 37C.

Rhodes wildfires seen from space as the winds blow the smoke southwards Credit: European Space Agency

Forecast for Crete and the Aegean Islands including Rhodes, Santorini, Kos, Mykonos and Naxos

Staying exceptionally hot for the time of year with temperatures remaining around 38-39 Celsius to start the week for Crete and Rhodes.

The other islands will not be as hot with temperatures in the range of 35-38 Celsius. Strong gusty winds will accompany the heat on Monday.

Temperatures are expected to increase through Tuesday and Wednesday to 39 to 41C widely, as winds gradually ease.

The average temperature for Rhodes in July is 30C meaning temperatures are expected to peak some 10-12 degrees above normal.

Through Wednesday evening and into Thursday, the northwesterly winds are expected to strengthen as thunderstorms affect the mainland.

By Thursday, a weather front will sweep southwards dropping temperatures some 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, causing maximums to drop into the low to mid 30s. Something more typical for the time of year.

Forecast for the Ionian Islands including Corfu, Kefalonia and Zante

Temperatures through Monday are expected to be in the range of 38-40C. Through Tuesday these temperatures are expected to rise into the low 40s as the heatwave intensifies. Typical values will be 39-41C.

However, on Wednesday, despite temperatures expected to be similar, short lived thunderstorms are expected to build in the northern Ionian. These will temporarily be accompanied by strong gusty winds from the northwest and possibility of large hail.

These storms are expected to push south into the southern Ionian through Wednesday night.

From Thursday, something comparatively cooler and fresher is expected with temperatures some 6-8 degrees below recent trends.

Temperatures will be more typical reaching highs into the low to mid 30s and is expected to continue into the weekend.

For a detailed forecast, updated regularly, checkout the latest from the Greek Met Office here.

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