Floods cause delays at World Scout Jamboree

Work is underway to improve conditions following flooding at the site of the World Scout Jamboree

Work is underway at the site of the World Scout Jamboree after flooding made parts of it uninhabitable for thousands of young people.

Scouts from across the UK should have been enjoying their first day at the site in SaeManGeum, South Korea. However, key parts of the site are without power and running water.

Workers on site at the World Scout Jamboree today

The UK is one of a number of countries to have delayed sending their Scouts to the site today. Organisers are working to improve the conditions and it is hoped they will begin arriving tomorrow instead.

Adult volunteers from the UK and various other countries have also been lending a hand throughout the day - laying paths and helping to drain the campsite. Liz Walker, the leader of the UK contingent, explained that the priority is to make sure the site is safe and ready to welcome young people.

She added: "The programme will go ahead. It may look a little different but, actually when you think about it, Scouts don’t know, we don’t know exactly what was planned. So we will adapt, we will get on with it and we will just have the best time."

South Korea has been experiencing heavy rainfall in what has been one of its most severe monsoon seasons on record. There has been widespread flooding and landslides across the country.