What is Barbie Botox and why are people so obsessed with the cosmetic craze?

Report by Jossie Evans, ITV News' Here's the Story

Would you have a cosmetic procedure to look more like a plastic doll? That's, in part, the motivation behind the latest Barbie-inspired trend.

Barbie Botox, or Traptox, has seen a surge in interest on TikTok since the release of Greta Gerwig's record-smashing Barbie movie.

The procedure involves botox injections in the trapezius muscles, with a range of benefits promoted by plastic surgeons and those who've had it.

Many of them focus on aesthetics - a slimmer neckline, smooth silhouette, and smaller upper body frame.

Others, however, insist there are health benefits including relaxation of the muscles in the area.

The procedure existed pre-Barbie (though the movie's boosted its popularity) with Kim Kardashian revealing she had Botox in the area after she was accused of photoshopping an image to remove her traps muscle.

But is life in plastic really all fantastic?

Some cosmetic surgeons have pointed out that Botox in that area can be dangerous.

Jonathan Kaplan, a in San Francisco based clinician, said: "There is a nerve that travels along the neck that if you put too much botox there it can affect breathing."

But he stressed: "If you go to someone who knows their anatomy it's not dangerous. As long as we do the injection to the back of the neck, the back of the back, along those muscles - that's not going to be an issue."