US teen dies after taking part in 'one chip challenge' which involves the spiciest pepper on Earth

Harris Wolobah died not long after eating the one chip challenge. Credit: CNN

A teenager in the US died the same day he tried the 'one chip' challenge which involved him eating a crisp coated in seasoning made from the spiciest pepper on the planet.

Harris Wolobah, 14, died on September 1 hours after eating the crisp.

The one-chip challenge has become popular on social media among young people and involves eating the spicy tortilla chip which is bought as a single crisp.

The tortilla chip is seasoned with the world's spiciest pepper. Credit: CNN

The £20 product advertises the fact it contains Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper peppers but also warns it is intended only for adults and should be kept away from children.

The California Reaper is the hottest pepper on the planet measuring at 2.2 million Scoville heat units.A jalapeno ranges from 2,500-8,000 Scoville heat units.

NBC reported Wolobah's mother was called to his school in Worcester, Massachusetts after her son reported stomachache.

Local police say it is too early to determine if the tortilla chip contributed to Wolobah's death.

The tortilla chip contains capsaicin, something that is found naturally in most peppers, which can be dangerous to humans.

Harris Wolobah was a keen basketball player. Credit: CNN

Dr Lauren Rice from Tufts Medical Centre in Boston, Massachusetts, said: "Sometimes we see people that will have a lot of chest pain or they'll experience things like palpitations as well. So a whole variety of issues that we're seeing with this one chip challenge." The one-chip challenge has grown in popularity in recent years but it has prompted numerous warnings after several people, usually teenagers, required medical attention after eating one.

Last year several high school students in California needed to go to hospital after eating the chip.

Police in Georgia issued a warning to parents after another high school student was injured when eating the chip in November 2022.

Douglas Hill, Wooblah's basketball coach, said the 14-year-old was quiet and reserved but was finding himself on the court.

Hill said: "Basketball provided for him a very specific environment for him where he could be free."

A GoFundMe fundraiser set up by Wooblah's cousin has raised $22,000 out of the $30,000 goal.

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