Vladimir Putin meets Kim Jong Un: The world faces a dangerous alliance between these pariah powers

ITV News' Asia Correspondent Debi Edward has this report as all eyes were on the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

Up until today the relationship between North Korea and Russia was largely superficial and symbolic.

They are neighbours, they share a history and an anti-western ideology, but there is the extremely concerning prospect that they could soon be sharing military hardware and technology.

In a rare summit between the leaders of the two nations, they discussed deepening ties, including possible military cooperation and technological support for Kim Jong Un’s satellite programme.

No details were confirmed of a deal or any specific agreements reached, but President Putin told reporters that he will be sharing satellite technology and suggested there were opportunities to explore regarding a deal on arms, despite UN sanctions.

The two met at the Vostochny spaceport in Siberia. Credit: AP

He indicated the matter had been discussed but gave no further details.

Vladimir Putin said he’d chosen the Vostochny spaceport as the location for their meeting for the very purpose of showing Kim Jong Un the space technology on offer.

It is little wonder Kim looked genuinely excited at times as he toured the Siberian facility - he listened enthusiastically to the tour given by the head of Russia’s space agency and asked several detailed questions.

An eye in the sky would allow Kim Jong Un to plot precision attacks and more accurately monitor enemies.

Two attempts by North Korea to launch a spy satellite have failed and Kim has made it a priority to develop the capability.

Kim listened enthusiastically to the tour given by the head of Russia’s Space agency. Credit: AP

From the moment they met with a rather lengthy handshake and warm smiles, it was clear that both men expected results from this reunion and the entourage accompanying both men showed their discussions were defence-focused.

Kim Jong Un was flanked by his senior generals in full military uniform and the chief of his weapons industry.

President Putin came with both his defence and foreign ministers.

In glowing words written in a visitors book and then in a toast over dinner, Kim Jong Un said he wished Russia a great victory in its war in Ukraine and against the West. He offered his full and unconditional support to the Russian government and all their decisions.

President Putin raised his glass to a deeper cooperation. He later confirmed he will offer humanitarian aid and described having a partnership of equals.

It was clear that both men expected results from this reunion, Asia Correspondent Debi Edward writes. Credit: AP

It is clear these leaders share a disregard for the condemnation they have received from the West and even neighbouring nations.

As if to prove that point as Kim’s train was rolling through the Russian countryside towards his meeting with President Putin, North Korea launched a series of ballistic missiles towards Japan.

It is the first time such a launch has taken place without him in the country. Japan and South Korea both denounced the provocation.

Not so long ago, a military deal between mighty Moscow and its rogue neighbour North Korea would have been unthinkable, but the world is now facing a new, dangerous alliance between these pariah powers.

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