Mexican lawmakers hear disputed testimony showing 'existence of alien life'

A box containing alleged "non-human" remains presented to Mexican lawmakers.
Lawmakers were presented with alleged 'non-human' remains. Credit: YouTube / Camara de Diputados

Mexico's Congress has sparked international debate after hearing testimony purporting to show the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Politicians were also presented with the alleged remains of "non-human" beings by a group of researchers on Tuesday.Two boxes with what appeared to look like mummified remains were shown, and quickly prompted a furore of speculation on social media.

English Physicist Professor Brian Cox weighed in on the debate, writing on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that the remains were "way too humanoid".

The alleged remains sparked much debate on social media. Credit: YouTube / Camara de Diputados

"It's very unlikely that an intelligent species that evolved on another planet would look like us," he wrote.

Mexican journalist José Jaime Maussan claimed the remains to be the "queen of all evidence", saying: "That is, if the DNA is showing us that they are non-human beings and that there is nothing that looks like this in the world, we should take it as such."

But he warned that he did not want to refer to them as "extraterrestrials" just yet.Mr Maussan claims he recovered the remains in 2017, during an excavation in the Peruvian coastal desert of Nazca.

He previously made similar claims in Peru six years ago, where a a report from the country's prosecutor's office found the remains were actually "recently manufactured dolls, which have been covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin".

The report added the figures were almost certainly human-made and that "they are not the remains of ancestral aliens that they have tried to present".

Currently, it is unclear if the remains showed to Mexican politicians are the same as they were not publicly unveiled at the time.

The extraordinary session of Mexico's congress comes after claims were made by a former US Air Force intelligence officer, in July, that the United States has probably been aware of "non-human" activity since the 1930s.

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