Man with £120,000 Care Bear collection sets new Guinness World Record

Nicholas Cherrywood's Care Bear collection is the largest in the world. Credit: PA

A man who owns 1,234 Care Bear memorabilia items worth more than £100,000 has made it into the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

He's among the "cream of the crop" of entries, which include the world's tallest steer, the oldest female competitive ninja athlete and a teenager with the largest afro in the world.

Nicholas Cherrywood, a 27-year-old make-up artist from the US, owns the largest collection of Care Bear memorabilia, which is reportedly worth £120,000.

He shares the same name as a villain, named Nicholas Cherrywood, in the Care Bear movie who gets overpowered by an evil spirit.

Joining him as a record breaker is Tommy the steer - a castrated male cow - who lives alongside his beloved owners, Fred and Laurie, in Massachusetts.

Tommy, the record holder for the tallest steer - a male bovine which has been castrated - and his owner Fred. Credit: PA

Despite being the tallest steer in the world at just over 6ft, he's a "gentle giant" whose purpose in life is to chill out and make Laurie happy, according to his owners' TikTok account.

Meanwhile, Amir Menendez, 14, from California is the proud owner of the world's largest afro on a male. It measures over 19 centimetres high and more than 24 centimetres wide.

Amir Menendez, 14, from California is the proud owner of the largest afro on a male. Credit: PA

More than 30,000 applicants submitted their achievements to Guinness World Records this past year.

Craig Glenday, the editor in chief at Guinness World Records, said: “Only a small percentage of claims have made it through the selection process, so the 2,638 records featured in the book really are the cream of this year’s crop.

“I say it every year, but it’s the best edition yet.”

Other record holders include Leamington Spa's Tom Enoch, who has Down’s syndrome and holds 24 fitness related Guinness World Records titles under the publication’s impairment classifications.

Tom Enoch, 18, from Leamington Spa, holds 24 fitness related Guinness World Records. Credit: PA

The 18-year-old's achievements include lifting 275kg to achieve the record for the most weight squat lifted in 30 seconds.

During lockdown, Mr Enoch, who will soon be qualified as a fitness coach, set up online fitness class ‘TomFit’ which he continues to teach online five times a week and at his after-school club.

Sidakeep Chahal from India who holds the record for the longest hair on a teenager. Credit: PA

Sidakeep Chahal, from India, now holds the record for the longest hair on a teenager.

Fellow teen Simeon Graham, from Birmingham, has achieved three Guinness World Records titles for the most juggling catches in one minute, with five, six and seven objects.

Simeon Graham, 15, from Birmingham, who has achieved three juggling Guinness World Records titles. Credit: PA

The 15-year-old started the circus act hobby when he was seven years old and was inspired by his record-breaking juggling idols to make records of his own.

Ginny MacColl, 71, from the US, is the new record holder for the oldest female competitive ninja athlete. She achieved the feat after she started competing in ninja tournaments just several years ago.

Amanda Staalose from Denmark leaping off a horse's back. Credit: PA

Amanda Staalose, from Denmark, holds the record for the most standing jumps on horseback in 30 seconds.

The 2024 edition of Guinness World Records is the final instalment with a cover created by artist Rod Hunt.

The underwater-inspired cover reflects the edition’s theme, “Blue Planet”.

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