Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas for return of their children to UK

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Credit: CNN

Sophie Turner is reportedly suing Joe Jonas for refusing to return their two young children to the UK, weeks after he filed for divorce.

The Game of Thrones star filed a petition in New York City on Thursday, requesting US singer and actor Jonas return their children to their home in England, according to court documents obtained by CNN.

The petition cites the “wrongful retention” of their children “in New York City from their habitual residence of England,” and that they had made England their “permanent” home in April 2023.

Jonas had been caring for their two daughters while on tour with his band The Jonas Brothers, an agreed-upon arrangement while Turner was in production on a new series, according to her petition.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas (far right) as the Jonas Brothers are awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Credit: AP

Turner, who rose to fame playing Sansa Stark in the hit television series, had planned to return to England this month with the children, the petition states.

She alleges that when she attempted to collect the children's passports from Jonas last week, but he had refused.

"Joe and Sophie had a cordial meeting this past Sunday in New York, when Sophie came to New York to be with the kids. They have been with her since that meeting," Jonas’s representative told CNN in a statement on Thursday.

"Joe’s impression of the meeting was that they had reached an understanding that they would work together towards an amicable co-parenting setup."

The statement continued: “His wish is that Sophie reconsider her harsh legal position and move forward in a more constructive and private manner. His only concern is the well-being of his children.”

Jonas filed for divorce from Turner on September 6, after four years of marriage.

Turner also claims in her petition that she found out Jonas filed for divorce through “the media.”

Jonas’s representative has disputed that claim, stating Turner was aware in advance he was going to file for divorce.

In her petition, Turner outlines the now-estranged couple’s efforts over the past year to find their “forever home” in England, and that prior to the end of their marriage, they’d mutually agreed on settling in the UK.

Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner on September 6, after four years of marriage. Credit: AP

Their children “are both fully involved and integrated in all aspects of daily and cultural life” in England, according to the petition, which also states they anticipated closing on a new home this December for which they’d been in contract negotiations on purchasing.

"Joe is seeking shared parenting with the kids so that they are raised by both their mother and father, and is of course also okay with the kids being raised both in the US and the UK," his representative added.

“The children were born in the US and have spent the vast majority of their lives in the US. They are American citizens.”

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