Beckham watches back infamous World Cup red card for first time as part of Netflix documentary

David Beckham has waited ten years to make this documentary but he tells ITV News Entertainment Correspondent Rishi Davda why now is the right time

David Beckham has revealed he has finally watched back his infamous 1998 FIFA World Cup red card during filming for his new documentary.

In the Netflix four-part series, titled "Beckham", the football legend looks back at the hateful treatment he received after being sent off during England’s match against Argentina.

“I hadn’t actually watched it and I hadn’t actually watched the interviews and what people said about me after,” he said, adding that it left him “shocked and emotional.”

England were booted from the knock out stages of the 1998 World Cup Credit: AP

Beckham was red carded after being pushed to the ground and lashing out, kicking the back of Diego Simeone’s leg.

England went on to lose the World Cup in a penalty shoot-out, leading fans to lay blame at the feet of Beckham.

Backlash ensued, including verbal abuse, rocks thrown at Manchester United's coach and an effigy of the player hung from a noose outside a London pub.

“I knew it was bad at the time, but going over that whole that whole thing was quite a tough one,” he said.

“It wasn’t just stepping onto a football pitch, it was every time that I went out in my car and people stopped me and spat at my window and you know, all of those things, and then walking into a restaurant knowing that everybody in there hates you.”

Reflecting on the career low, he continued: “Do I wish things hadn’t happened? Absolutely. Do I wish ‘98 hadn’t happened? Absolutely.

“It made me stronger as a person, as a player, as a human being, and as a father as a husband. And if that hadn’t have happened, I maybe I wouldn’t have had the career that I had.”

The documentary also touches upon Beckham’s mental healthy during the fallout, his entrepreneurial move from a player to cultural icon and his relationship with Victoria Beckham.

Beckham and his wife share intimate details of how their 26 years together began, including how they snuck around in carparks for months to keep their relationship private.

"We've always made time to try and see each other," he said, "I suppose that's one of the reasons why we're so strong as a couple, because, yes, we have amazing kids and we have amazing careers, but we make time for each other as well."

The pair met in 1997 after a Manchester United Game, and while Victoria was at the peak of her music career with the Spice Girls.

Speaking in the documentary, Victoria said from the moment she met her now-husband she "just fancied him."

"The fact I went to the game was really just to kind of, some would say stalk him, I would say see him," she said.

"When I saw him in the footballers lounge, all the other footballers were at the bar but he was standing alone with his family and I'm very close with my family so I loved that side to him."

'Beckham' launches on October 4 on Netflix

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