ITV News witnesses 'unimaginable horror' in Israeli village held by Hamas for 48 hours

'Few escaped here with their lives' - Correspondent John Ray reports from Kfar Aza where Hamas killed men, women and children in their beds during a two day siege.

ITV News were one of a number of media organisations invited by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) to witness the aftermath of the Hamas attack.

We are seeing scenes of unimaginable horror at Kfar Aza - a village close to the Gaza border and held for 48 hours by Hamas militants.

Their bodies are still lying around the village - so many I have lost count. But the Israeli army is only now recovering its dead.

Hamas militants held the village of Kfar Aza for 48 hours. Credit: ITV News

They tell us there are scores of them. Men, women and children. Many slaughtered in their beds early on Saturday morning.

"It was not a battlefield here. It was a massacre. They were defenceless," the commanding officer told me.

Israeli soldiers sit on a bench in the village of Kfar Aza. Credit: ITV News

Another officer said: "It reminds me of the pogroms and of the Nazis."

Many of the homes still contain the bodies of those whose lives were ended here. It will take some time before they are recovered and named.

One Israeli soldier told me: "It was hard fighting. The terrorists were well armed. Well trained."

How will Israel respond to the Hamas massacre in its border village? After witnessing the horrors, John Ray tells Rageh Omaar what you need to know...