Exclusive: Labour leaders tell MPs and council leaders not to attend Palestine protests

A rally in support of Palestine is taking place on Saturday (14 October). Credit: PA

I’ve seen messages sent from the Labour leadership telling its MPs and council leaders not to attend any Palestine related protests and demonstrations this weekend - regardless of what they are.

The Chief Whip has sent a message around to MPs saying leadership's "very strong advice" is that "colleagues should not under any circumstances attend any of these events".

Similar warnings have also been sent to Labour council leaders but the wording is even stronger. In emails I’ve seen, Labour has told them "they must not, under any circumstance" attend any protest or demonstration - not just "very strong advice".

The broad reasoning given by the party is outlined in the messages I’ve seen."Colleagues should not risk putting themselves in a position where they share a platform with, or are close to, people that would undermine the Labour Party in any way."

There’s also a warning from the Labour leadership that Labour MPs/councillors might be "pictured with unacceptable messages or to be present for, or in close proximity to, unacceptable speeches or chanting" if they attend.

Several MPs and councillors I’ve spoken to have expressed their anger at the Labour leadership at being told not to attend what they say are demonstrations of solidarity with ordinary Palestinians who are now dealing with a humanitarian crisis.

One councillor told me they were appalled at their own party.

"Like many of my colleagues I won't be heeding this draconian, immoral ban on solidarity", they said.

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