Moment Palestinian doctor is forced to identify son killed in airstrike while on shift at hospital

Dr Mohammed Abu Moussa's children were rushed to the Gazan hospital where he works after their home was shelled by an Israeli missile, ITV News' John Ray has the latest.

This report contains distressing details.

A Palestinian doctor was forced to identify the body of one of his sons, in the hospital where he was working, after he was killed in an Israeli air strike.

Dr Mohammed Abu Moussa has spent the past week treating Gazan civilians injured in the conflict which has killed at least 2,750 Palestinians.

But during a shift at the ER, he was told his own family had been brought to the hospital after their home was bombed.

Yousef's brother and sister were rushed to the emergency room for treatment following the blast

"I heard a shelling noise, and it seemed to be coming from around where I live," Dr Moussa recalls.

"I tried to investigate it and they said there were casualties. I didn’t know what happened, but I felt something wrong."

Covered in dust and blood, Dr Moussa's son and daughter were carried into the ward to be tended to, screaming and crying for their father in the traumatic aftermath of the blast.

He hugged and comforted his wife, who had been with their children watching television ahead of their bedtime just moments before.

While medics rushed to check his daughters heartbeat and tend to his shaken children, Dr Moussa is pulled away to look for his son, 6-year-old Yousef.

"Please Mohammad, find Yousef," Dr Moussa's wife, Rawan Abu Moussa, cried.

But Yousef isn't on any of the beds or in the corridors of the hospital, instead, Dr Moussa is led to the morgue.

Here, one short look at the body is all he needs to confirm that Yousef was killed in the attack.

"No! Please, Yousef my love," Mrs Moussa weeps in horror after being told the heartbreaking fate of her son.

Rawan Abu Moussa spoke of the horrifying moment she realised her son, 6-year-old Yousef, had died

Speaking to ITV News, she shared the terrifying moment she was rescued from the collapsed building by a group of men but realised Yousef was unaccounted for.

"They kept looking for him, I told them that he must be under here."

"They cleared the rubble and I saw Yousef, he was dead already and his cheek was open and there was blood," she said.

Dr Moussa added: "I lost my son, God chose him."

Hospitals in Gaza are overrun as Israel continues striking the 25-mile long stretch of land, with growing concern for patients as the UN warns that facilities will run out of generator fuel within the next 24 hours.

Israel cut off supplies of water, food and electricity days ago and is preparing for a "air, sea and land offensive" in a retaliatory mission following Hamas's fatal terror attack in the south.

At least 199 people are being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas, Israel's military reported.

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