'It takes two to tango': Rebecca Loos' first live interview since Beckhams' Netflix series

Rebecca Loos says David Beckham 'never denied their affair' in her first TV interview after a documentary aired addressing the allegations, as Neil Connery reports

Rebecca Loos has said "it takes two to tango" in her first live interview since the documentary Beckham aired on Netflix.

The four-part series has brought renewed attention to her claims that she had an affair with footballing superstar David Beckham when he played for Real Madrid and she was his PA.

Loos, 46, who is now a yoga instructor living in Norway, made headline news when she claimed in a kiss-and-tell interview that Beckham had cheated on his wife Victoria with her, a claim the footballer denied.

That period is revisited in the Netflix series Beckham, in which the star discusses how hard it was for him to go to work as the allegations surfaced.

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham also revealed it was “the hardest period" for the young couple, adding: "It felt like the world was against us and… we were against each other.”

Loos garnered widespread media attention when she went public with her claims. Credit: PA

Discussing how it felt to be thrust into the spotlight again, Loos told Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley on ITV's Good Morning Britain: "I'd rather not have had to talk about this again.

"I left this behind me, moved very much on with my life.

"When this documentary came out, I tried very hard to just let it go but it just really bothered me how he played the narrative and how misleading it is.

"Of course I am also guilty, it takes two to tango - it's not all his fault, it's both of ours."

When Madeley asked if she is referring to Beckham not admitting to the infidelity, Loos responded: "He's not denied it. He's never denied it.

"He has said that my claims are 'ludicrous' - ludicrous is not denying, ludicrous can be truth.

"Ludicrous is a term used by lawyers to give to their clients when they don't want to admit the truth."

David and Victoria Beckham attend the premiere of their Netflix series. Credit: PA

Loos also claimed she was given no prior warning that the documentary was going to air, but admitted that she did not give the couple any notice before going to the media with her story in the early 2000s.

"So now we're even," she said.

Discussing how Victoria came across in the documentary, Loos said she appeared "really natural" and "was quite honest".

However, she added: "But I've since learned that the documentary has been made by his production company and it was produced by his best friend.

"And they have their director of brand Beckham Holdings behind it, so now I do think that a lot of it is kind of rehearsed. But I do think (Victoria) came across well."

Of going public with her claims, Loos said: "I wish I had done it in a different way, I've always said this.

"At the time, the advice I was given was: 'this is the right way to go about it', all the power was in the media.

"Nowadays, thank God, the power is with the lawyers and everyone goes legal, which is a much safer route. I kindof wish I had taken that route, of course. But I can't go back in time."

Loos said she has spoken to her two sons, who are aged 14 and 11, about the affair and explained to them why there could be some "horrific trolling" on her social media platforms.

She said she woke up to a host of abuse on Instagram after the documentary aired.

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