Deal or No Deal: 'Rip and reveal' gameshow makes TV comeback

The hit gameshow Deal Or No Deal is back after seven years with a new look and a new host. Entertainment Reporter Rishi Davda went on the set in Manchester and couldn't resist chancing his hand

Boxes - we get deliveries in them, move house using them and they come as a free add-on when we buy a pair of shoes… but rarely can they be life-changing.

Not unless you’re a contestant on Deal or No Deal, which after being cancelled by Channel 4 in 2016, is coming back to TVs around the country.

ITV has backed its return, a show that evokes elation, devastation and every emotion in between.

There were more than 3,000 episodes of the Channel 4 version, which was hosted by Noel Edmonds.

New host, Stephen Mulhern says "bring it on" to the challenge of doing another 3,000 on ITV.

He adds: "If this series is half as successful as the original series, I'll be over the moon. People want a bit of comfort and they trust these shows, and that's why the success is so big."

New host Stephen Mulhern says he will be 'over the moon' if this new series has even half the success of the original. Credit: ITV News

Deal or No Deal was first created in The Netherlands, but so popular was its format that it now has homes all around the world.

It constantly delivers drama, and though the jackpot on the new series is smaller - standing at £100,000 - finger nails will undoubtedly still be bitten as contestants open box after box.

The show's executive producer, Tamara Gilder, believes that nostalgia programming can be hit and miss, but bringing back a classic like Deal or No Deal was a no brainer.

She notes that, "as a TV producer you think 'did I only like that show because I was eight when I watched it and at my nana’s house?', but with Deal or No Deal it’s the perfect format."

Stephen actually spoke with Noel about the new series, and got a sort of "seal of approval" from the veteran host.

"He sent us a really nice message. You always wonder if maybe he would have wanted to come back, but he was very supportive."

The mysterious banker may have a new voice, but host Stephen Mulhern says he is just as 'tough' as ever. Credit: ITV News

So, he's spoken with Noel but never met the new banker - it's a different voice at the end of the line for this series.

"I haven't met him", Stephen says. "But he sounds tough. No matter where you are from, what issues you've got in life… he doesn't care. He's ruthless."

Speaking to Stephen and Tamara at the set of the show in Manchester, I was fortunate enough to have a go at playing a fake, shortened version of Deal or No Deal.

During his fake game, the banker offered £4,000 for Rishi's box - an offer he later regretted refusing. Credit: ITV News

There was no money on the line, but my blood pressure was through the roof.

I am admittedly disappointed to have only walked away with a fake £2,000, especially when the frugal banker had offered me £4,000 for my box.

I can't imagine the sensations going through the bodies of the actual contestants when real money is in play …it's slightly terrifying.

The new series of Deal or No Deal starts on Monday November 20 at 4pm on ITV1, ITVX and STV.

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