Who are the Palestinian detainees being released by Israel?

Marah Bakir, right, a former Palestinian detainee was released by the Israeli authorities in Jerusalem. Credit: AP

The temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, which was due to expire on Wednesday, was extended for an additional day.

Under the original agreement, 50 hostages were released in stages by Hamas in return for 150 Palestinian detainees held by Israel, during a short-term pause in fighting.

Israel said it would extend the ceasefire by one day and free more people being held in prisons for every 10 additional hostages released.

Hanna Barghouti was released by the Israeli authorities as part of the agreement. Credit: AP

A large number of children are being held without charge, trial or due process guarantees, according to Save the Children, which the charity says "does not meet international juvenile justice standards".

The main alleged crime for these detentions is stone-throwing, the charity says, which can carry a 20-year prison sentence for Palestinian children.

How many Palestinian prisoners have been released by Israel each day?

Friday - 39 prisoners were released

22 women, 17 children (2 girls, 15 boys)

Saturday - 39 prisoners were released

6 women, 33 children (all boys)

Sunday - 39 prisoners were releases

39 children (all boys)

Monday - 33 prisoners were released

3 women, 30 children (1 girl, 29 boys)

Tuesday - 30 prisoners were released

15 women, 15 children

Wednesday - 30 prisoners were released

15 women, 15 children (boys)

Thursday - 30 prisoners were released, according to Israel's prison service

No further details have yet been shared.

Here is a list of the Palestinian detainees whose names have been made public so far:

  • Omar Atshan, 17

  • Jamal Brahma, 17

  • Nour al-Taher, 18

  • Aban Hammad, 16

  • Marah Bakir

  • Aseel al-Titi

  • Hanna Barghouti

  • Nurhan Awad, 17 - arrested in 2016 when she was sentenced to 13.5 years in jail for attempting to stab an Israeli soldier with a pair of scissors.

  • Israa Jaabis - who had been imprisoned since 2015 after being convicted of carrying out a bombing attack that wounded an Israeli police officer.

  • Shuruq Dwayat

The identities of the freed are scarce with very few having been named publicly following their release.

Some of the Palestinian detainees have been released in east Jerusalem, while the majority have returned home to the occupied West Bank.

Israa Jaabis (centre) a Palestinian prisoner released by Israel. Credit: AP

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, an advocacy group, Israel is holding 7,200 Palestinians, including about 2,000 arrested since the start of the war.

United Nations estimates 160 children are currently held in Israeli prisons.

A large number of Palestinian children who are detained by the Israeli military suffer abuse, Save the Children said in a report earlier this year, including being beaten, suffering sexual violence and abuse, and being hit with sticks or guns.

"Palestinian children are the only children in the world who are systematically prosecuted in military courts, with an estimated 10,000 Palestinian children held in the Israeli military detention system over the past 20 years," Save the Children said.

When contacted by ITV News, a spokesperson from the Israeli Defense Forces said: "The IDF operates in accordance with both domestic and international law in order to preserve the rights and dignity of the detainees held in detention facilities."

"Indictments against minors are only filed after thorough examination of the entirety of the investigative materials, when there is a reasonable chance of conviction, and giving due weight to their age," the spokesperson added.

While details of the freed hostages have been circulated widely, the identities of many of the prisoners have not yet been made public.

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